Admire This Beautiful Batch Of New Screenshots For A Plague Tale: Requiem

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A Plague Tale: Requiem was announced conscionable six months ago during a Microsoft Xbox showcase and it was received rather well. Featuring the painterly and lush creation benignant of A Plague Tale: Innocence, if 1 happening was wide with Requiem’s announcement, it’s that steadfast Focus Entertainment and developer Asobo Studio are readying to up the ante. Today’s batch of in-game screenshots is impervious of that. 

Released connected Twitter earlier today, these 4 screenshots showcase immoderate of what we tin expect successful Requiem. Based connected what we cognize of the crippled truthful far, these screenshots amusement Amicia and Hugo successful caller cities southbound of France, which is the superior mounting of the sequel.  

“Far crossed the sea, an land calls,” an official description of Requiem reads. “Embark connected a heartrending travel into a brutal, breathtaking satellite twisted by supernatural forces. After escaping their devastated homeland, Amicia and Hugo question acold south, to caller regions and vibrant cities. There, they effort to commencement a caller beingness and power Hugo’s curse. But erstwhile Hugo’s powers awaken, decease and demolition instrumentality successful a flood of devouring rats. Forced to fly erstwhile more, the siblings spot their hopes successful a prophesized land that whitethorn clasp the cardinal to redeeming Hugo. Discover the outgo of redeeming those you emotion successful a hopeless conflict for survival. Strike from the shadows oregon unleash hell, overcoming foes and challenges with a assortment of weapons, tools, and unearthly powers.” 

Innocence took spot successful France during the Hundred Years War – if Amicia and Hugo caput south, there’s crushed to judge they made their mode to Italy, Spain, oregon Portugal. If they were to transverse into Africa, Morocco could beryllium a possibility, too. We’ll person to hold until 2022 to spot wherever we extremity up successful Requiem. One happening is certain, though, careless of wherever we spell – it’s going to look gorgeous. 

While waiting to larn more, check retired the Requiem trailer precocious shown during The Game Awards 2021

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