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Making Use Of Cost-Paid  Promotion to Construct Your Internet Site Links and also Website Traffic So, you have a wonderful best press release service or product, yet your website is not obtaining the high rankings and also traffic you desire from the top search engines like Google as well as MSN Browse. You're not alone. This scenario is playing out all throughout the web, yet there is a basic service to the problem. Publicity. Publicity is the art of obtaining exposure for your internet site, item, or service with news release, articles, and other promotional techniques. A consistent attention campaign can get you links from a few of the best internet site on the Web. These web links give your internet site with "Link Popularity" and the Google PageRank numbers you need for high search engine ranking and traffic. Plus, the links themselves can bring you a significant about of targeted traffic. The Top 5 Tips for Getting Publicity (and Links). Here are a few of my tips for getting publicity and links on the web sites, AND getting news stories and articles in the newspapers, magazines and Internet radio show sites. TIP # 1: Be Consistent - Stick With It For The Long-Haul. For maximum results, use public relations as a long-term awareness and link-building campaign. This will allow your messages to be delivered to the appropriate audienceand generate visibility, traffic and sales for you. The biggest mistake I see businesses making with publicity, is they're not consistent at all, only sticking with it for 1, 2, or 3 months. It pays to be consistent is because sometimes you'll send out a press release and get no response back, no publicity, nothing ... In fact, this is when most people quit, when they should realize that publicity is a "numbers game" that generates exposure over the long-run if they would just stick with it. Plus, if you know where to submit your articles and send your pr wire services, each one that you write can generate 3-20 or more new publicity hits and new links to your web site! So, send something to the media at least every month, if not every week or two. Stay on track by scheduling your articles and event announcement press release on your marketing calendar. TIP # 2: Offer Great News Ideas and Quality Articles. To maximize your results, don't send corporate "flack" to the media. "Flack" is blatant advertising disguised as a press release. Instead of wasting the media's time, be their ally by sending them real news and quality articles that help their audience. Don't think you have enough time or ideas for writing articles and press releases? You probably already have the content for 12 Business Newswire or articles without having to write a bunch of new content. Where is this "hidden" content that's already written? It's the content on your web site, and in your white papers, and other marketing materials. Simply "repurpose" and edit this content into announcements, articles, press releases, tip sheets, and other publicity materials. TIP # 3: Expand Your Publicity Campaign By Building A Media List. In the publicity game, your greatest assets are your contacts. Since you know your ideal customer, you can target the web sites, media, and publications that your customers use to get their news and information. Your media list should consist of the following types of media ... Industry-specific web sites, and e-newsletters. Internet blogs, discussion forums and discussion lists. Article syndicators. Trade publications. Newspapers. Magazines. Radio & TV shows. TIP # 4: Distribute Via E-Mail. A 2003 study by the Meta Group revealed that approximately 80% of business people say their e-mail is more valuable than the phone. This applies to media professionals as well, so send your press releases and articles via e-mail. E-mail is f * ree and easy to use, but adhere to these quidelines for e-mail press releases ... Introduce yourself via e-mail to the media professionals on your list and start building a relationship. Use a compelling subject line that is personalized by including their first name. Never ever send attachments. Be sure to format your e-mails in ASCII text file with hard returns at 65 characters. (Use Microsoft NotePad). Following up via the telephone will greatly increase your results, but never ask "did you receive my press release?" (The media hate this question since they get hundreds of press releases a day!). TIP # 5: Post Your Articles On Your Web Site And E-Mail Newsletter. Content is King on the Internet, and the search engines love web sites with great niched content. Your articles and news releases are a perfect source of keyword rich text that's tasty "spider food" for the search engine crawlers. So, post your articles and press releases on your web site to increase your search engine traffic. But don't stop there. Send them to your e-mail newsletter subscriber list, you never know who might be on your list who will love your article and link to it! CONCLUSION:. As the great P.T. Barnum once said ... "Without publicity a terrible thing happens ... nothing!" Publicity is a great way to build your web site links, visibility, traffic and sales. Use these tips to maximize your publicity campaign's success. Promote! Promote! Promote!


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