AFL's cheap finals tickets promise for fans

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A time aft confirming the docket for the archetypal 2 weeks of the 2021 AFL finals, the league has announced a terms frost connected each tickets.

The AFL reiterated their "commitment to affordability by freezing tickets nationally, crossed each games and venues successful weeks 1 and two" successful effect to the interaction COVID-19 has had connected the season, and AFL fans and members.

"It has been a challenging play for everyone, the uncertainty successful the assemblage resulting successful the changeless changes successful fixturing has tested our full industry, nary much truthful than footy fans astir the country," AFL Executive General Manager Customer and Commercial Kylie Rogers said successful a statement.

An bare MCG Members Stand is seen during the circular 23 AFL lucifer betwixt Essendon Bombers and Collingwood Magpies Giants astatine Melbourne Cricket Ground. (Getty)

"Matches without fans are simply not the same, they don't evoke the passionateness and emotion that is truthful almighty to beryllium a portion of, particularly erstwhile watching from the stands.

"With this successful mind, our committedness remains to support finals footy prices arsenic an affordable enactment and thanking the members and fans who person stuck by their club's this season.

"Four matches crossed 2 authorities this play and I cognize the ambiance volition beryllium electrical and the roar of the assemblage volition beryllium arsenic large arsenic ever.

"While it is disappointing that we cannot play successful beforehand of Melbourne oregon Sydney crowds this weekend, the precedence is for some of those states to proceed to enactment beardown and hopefully the games connected the play volition bring immoderate much-needed joy."

Tickets for the opening weeks of the finals volition commencement astatine $35 and beryllium connected merchantability from today.

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