Angelina Jolie joins Instagram to call attention to suffering in Afghanistan

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(CNN)Angelina Jolie, a notoriously backstage personage with nary nationalist societal media presence, has joined Instagram, utilizing the level to gully attraction to the situation successful Afghanistan.

Jolie joined the level connected Friday, posting a letter she says she received from a teenage Afghan girl, whose sanction and determination has been blurred. In the letter, the miss expresses her worries and fearfulness implicit beingness nether the Taliban, penning that "we are imprisoned again."

"Before Taliban came successful ... we each had rights, we were capable to support our rights freely," the missive reads. "But erstwhile they come, we are each acrophobic of them, and we deliberation each our dreams are gone."

    Jolie, who is is simply a peculiar envoy for the United Nations Refugee Agency, wrote successful her caption that she plans connected sharing the stories of radical crossed the satellite "who are warring for their basal quality rights."

      "I was connected the borderline of Afghanistan 2 weeks earlier 9/11, wherever I met Afghan refugees who had fled the Taliban. This was 20 years ago. It is sickening to ticker Afghans being displaced yet again retired of the fearfulness and uncertainty that has gripped their country," Jolie wrote. "To walk truthful overmuch clip and money, to person humor shed and lives mislaid lone to travel to this, is simply a nonaccomplishment astir intolerable to understand."

      Following US withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Taliban swiftly assumed power, causing wide fearfulness among galore successful the country.

      The Taliban antecedently held powerfulness betwixt 1996 and 2001, starring an oppressive authorities successful which women were mostly confined to the location portion amputations and nationalist executions were not uncommon.

      Though the Taliban has said they person changed, galore radical successful and extracurricular of Afghanistan are skeptical.

      'No 1  trusts thing  that comes from the Taliban's mouth'

        "I highly uncertainty the Taliban person changed. They don't person the aforesaid values arsenic Afghan people. Democracy is retired of the representation for them. We are successful the content that the Taliban are putting up a beforehand due to the fact that the planetary assemblage and United Nations is watching them closely," 1 Afghan pistillate successful Kunduz said in a dependable enactment to CNN this week.

        Meanwhile, thousands of Afghan radical person tried to fly the country, causing havoc astatine the Hamid Karzai International Airport successful Kabul, arsenic the US attempts to relocate American citizens and susceptible Afghans.

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