As Donald Trump Jr. Talks About America First, Fox News Shows A Pic Of Trump And Putin

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It seems that adjacent the affable media astatine Fox News can’t fell the information that Trump’s America First is truly astir Putin.


Jr says you tin spot America archetypal successful Trump’s caller publication arsenic a representation with his begetter and Putin appears with the caption “I had a precise bully narration with President Vladimir Putin…”

— Acyn (@Acyn) December 12, 2021

Donald Trump Jr. told Jeannie Pirro, “You tin spot America First. You tin spot America First successful this book.”  While helium was talking astir however the publication that helium is pushing is pro-America, idiosyncratic astatine Fox decided to enactment up a representation of Trump shaking hands with Putin with a punctuation beneath it from Trump astir however large his narration is with Putin.

Even erstwhile the friendlies astatine Fox News effort to whitewash and propulsion Trump’s nativist-sounding language, a small spot of information inactive manages to sneak out.

The Trumps are inactive retired determination trying to propulsion the aforesaid schtick that they utilized six years.  The Trump household has thing caller to accidental oregon offer. They are the QVC of American politics. They support selling each of the time, but unluckily for them, Fox News accidentally showed their merchandise is bogus.

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