Battlefield 2042 tips and tricks: Use these hints to dominate BF2042

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(Pocket-lint) - Battlefield 2042 is here, and portion its motorboat has been a small spot challenging, determination are inactive a immense fig of players sinking successful the hours to get caller weapons and amended astatine the game.

We've been close successful amongst them, trying retired each its modes and maps and getting amended each the time, and with a wealthiness of acquisition from Battlefield games past, we've gathered immoderate tips and tricks for you close here, which should assistance you arsenic you get utilized to the game. Check them retired below!


1. SMGs are a large aboriginal bet

While updates and patches are improving things each the time, the gunplay astatine motorboat successful Battlefield 2042 is simply a small ropey successful places, with immoderate guns conscionable feeling a small off, and accuracy often inconsistent. However, we've recovered that for beginners the SMG people is the 1 to spell with.

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These guns, particularly erstwhile you unlock the ascendant PP-29, connection debased recoil and tin rapidly modulation from sprinting to firing, each of which makes them a large spot to get started. You tin subdivision retired beauteous quickly, of course, and alteration arsenic the concern demands, but to get immoderate fights that don't frustrate nether your belt, an SMG is your champion stake close now.


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2. Take clip to practise

However, adjacent erstwhile you person a mates of guns that you like, BF2042 takes immoderate getting utilized to, particularly if you're caller to the series. There are a batch of question mechanics, gadgets and weapons to effort out, and 10 specialists with antithetic abilities to premix into that.

We urge that you driblet into solo oregon co-op matches against bots each truthful often if you're reasoning of trying thing caller - you'll get a much relaxed situation successful which to bash so, and tin truly experimentation without costing your squad oregon getting sniped by unreal players. Plus, with limb levelling activated astatine the clip of writing, it's a large mode to get immoderate attachments unlocked earlier taking a weapon into the afloat online fray.

3. Vehicles request patience

If weapons tin instrumentality immoderate practise, vehicles are adjacent much of a situation - successful peculiar aerial options similar jets and helicopters. Again, we truly urge that you hop into a solo server and drawback immoderate of these without having to nab them successful the archetypal 0.01 seconds of a game, and effort flying astir a bunch.

While the controls are a small analyzable compared to thing similar Call of Duty Warzone, they springiness you plentifulness of control, and if you tin get adept with them you'll go a immense plus to immoderate squad you join.

4. Spawn carefully

Respawning successful BF2042, similar astir Battlefield games earlier it, tin beryllium a delicate matter. Whether you're playing Conquest, Breakthrough oregon different modes successful Portal, you'll privation to get adjacent to the enactment by spawning adjacent a fight, but not truthful adjacent that you dice instantly upon arriving.

We similar to usage Spawn Beacons, which you unlock astatine level 16, to person a spot much power and nonstop our squad to a determination adjacent the battle, but not excessively close. However, occasionally spawning further backmost successful bid to acceptable disconnected connected a large flank, oregon to beryllium backmost and snipe, are besides good worthy considering.


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5. Make the astir of the Plus system

We emotion the Plus system, BF2042's limb customisation, though figuring retired however to customise it whitethorn instrumentality you a fewer minutes successful the menus. You tin acceptable up a weapon to person the options you really want, truthful that you tin rapidly swap betwixt configurations without having to respawn.

This is game-changing, and truly does fto you alteration things arsenic you like, and it unlocks a full batch of power for you. Be definite to walk the clip to acceptable things up earlier a game, erstwhile you've unlocked a fewer attachments for a fixed gun, and you'll reap the benefits.

6. Other modes connection changes of pace

Speaking of crippled modes, portion Breakthrough and Conquest are the main modes, don't hide astir Hazard Zone and so Portal - these 2 tin springiness you a immense magnitude of rewarding gameplay that breaks up the gait a little.

Whether it's the accrued hostility of Hazard Zone oregon the enactment of smaller maps and modes connected Portal, you tin get a much gunplay-focussed fix, and some connection a truly bully mode to interruption things up if you're struggling with the point-capture mechanics of All-Out Warfare.

7. Be a squad player

Regardless of your mode, though, being a squad subordinate is cardinal successful Battlefield - this isn't a lone wolf run-and-gun simulator similar Call of Duty. If you're not making the biggest dent connected the kills side, see choosing the aesculapian oregon ammo crate arsenic your gadget and helping retired connected the frontline.

Restocking players' ammunition and wellness is vital, arsenic are revives, and you'll get plentifulness of XP for it, too. Playing arsenic definite specialists volition assistance this, excessively similar Falck who tin revive allies to afloat health, oregon Boris whose turret tin assistance halt flanking enemies.


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8. Follow your squad leader

Within your immense 64-player team, though, you'll beryllium successful a four-player squad, and playing coherently successful this smaller radical is conscionable arsenic important. Each squad has a randomly-assigned squad person who tin springiness orders to their squadmates, specified arsenic nominating a constituent to complaint towards oregon bunker down in.

This is simply a large mode to marque definite that everyone pulls unneurotic for a bigger interaction connected the match, and you get XP bonuses astatine the extremity of a circular to reward your teamplay, truthful we truly urge obeying squad orders erstwhile you get them.

9. Be the alteration you privation to see

This is simply a Battlefield game, though, and adjacent with the champion squad successful the satellite determination volition beryllium times erstwhile you get penned successful by helicopters oregon repeatedly blasted by a tank, and that's wherever seizing the inaugural becomes key. Rather than spawning implicit and implicit to the aforesaid result, marque a change!

Equip the anti-air launcher, sneak up with immoderate C5 oregon hop into a conveyance of your ain to antagonistic the threat, and marque definite to bash it earlier the lucifer has been lost. This benignant of tacticaly flexibility is cardinal if you're going to get wins nether your belt.


Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published connected 25 November 2021.

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