Best phone mount for cars 2021: Cradle your cell phone the easy way with these tried and tested picks

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(Pocket-lint) - We're routinely investigating and standing caller products, but our Top Pick is presently the Vicseed Car Phone Mount. We besides urge options from Artech, Yosh, iOttie and Beikell, which you tin work much astir below.

Mounting your telephone successful the car isn't glamourous, unsocial oregon adjacent thing you request to bash earlier each journey, but, often, it's inactive the easiest mode to navigate, instrumentality calls oregon power euphony playback.

Many vehicles present travel with fancy, built-in dashboards that you tin nexus your telephone to implicit Bluetooth - however, successful this guide, we'll beryllium focusing connected the telephone mounts specifically designed for you to install.

These finely-moulded bits of integrative let you to support successful interaction portion driving, and the Pocket-lint squad has been investigating immoderate of the champion and astir fashionable picks retired determination successful bid to decipher which is close for your car.

One of the archetypal things to recognize erstwhile delving into the satellite of car telephone holders is that determination are 3 recurring plan variations to see - dashboard, windscreen and aerial vents - with immoderate units managing to incorporated much than conscionable 1 method.

Your car's array of aerial vents, the plan of the dashboard and the existent region betwixt the dashboard and the windscreen volition mostly dictate however you hole the equine successful place. Certain cars won't person the aerial vents disposable to clip a equine onto, for example, but volition person an accessible dashboard - and vice versa.

Only by exploring the tried and tested picks beneath volition you get an thought of which is champion for your car, but we've besides included plentifulness much things to see further below. So, whether you person an iPhone oregon Android, let's dive into the champion car telephone mounts to assistance you stay hands-free connected the road.

Best car telephone mounts: Our Top Pick


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Vicseed Car Phone Mount



  • Ample mounting options
  • Simple installation


  • Doesn't re-stick that well
  • Textured dashboards whitethorn struggle

For those not truly definite whether they privation to equine their telephone connected the dashboard, windscreen oregon aerial vent, Vicseed's cradle offers the prime of each 3 options.

This not lone makes it compatible successful 1 signifier oregon different with the car, but the adjustable arms besides mean it's capable to unafraid beauteous overmuch immoderate smartphone successful place. 

To assistance find the champion presumption successful your car, the shot associated means users are capable to rotation it 360 degrees, too.

It's somewhat pricier than different car telephone mounts you'll find, but it's a tiny terms to wage for unmatched hands-free options successful the car.

This versatility, on with its precise dependable show successful usage and straightforward installation, makes it our apical wide prime to see close now.

The lone existent issues we recovered were erstwhile we tried to equine connected a textured dashboard, and besides with the adhesive's spot erstwhile repositioning, but these are reasonably cosmopolitan issues (as you'll find successful different entries). 

Car telephone holders we besides recommend

Below, we item the 4 different car telephone mounts we urge looking into.


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Arteck Car Mount



  • Very beardown clasp connected dashboards
  • Fairly neat-looking


  • Gel pad adhesive tin permission marks
  • Issues with representation mode and windscreen mounting

Much similar different cradles connected thist list, Arteck's is besides designed to unrecorded champion connected the dashboard oregon windscreen, mounting done a sticky gel pad.

The rubber pad is fitted to the durable integrative cervix and limb grippers, giving users the enactment to rotation their telephone the afloat 360 degrees.

Arteck, similar most, besides indicates their equine is capable to cater for astir each smartphone size, and we recovered that to beryllium the case. There's decidedly imaginable for volume/lock buttons to get squeezed, too, but that's existent of immoderate cradle, really.

With casual installation, a competitory terms and reliable use, it's pugnacious to spell incorrect with this 1 - and, successful our experience, it does beauteous overmuch conscionable enactment precisely arsenic it should. 

Our lone gripes are erstwhile we tried to determination the holder from dashboard to windscreen, with it leaving a hard-to-rid mark. Depending connected what car you have, mounting connected a windscreen whitethorn besides contiguous problems if you privation representation orientation, since the limb whitethorn not beryllium agelong capable to springiness you clearance distant from your dashboard.


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Yosh Car Phone Mount



  • Clean, hidden design
  • Strong magnet hold


  • Grippers rather thick 
  • Not arsenic sturdy arsenic different methods

Perhaps the simplest mode to hole your telephone astatine a harmless level is with Yosh's magnetic car telephone holder.

With 4 N50 magnets, it's capable to snag immoderate 4.7-inch - 6.5-inch telephone into spot portion remaining fixed onto the aerial vent done the rubber clip plan astatine the back.

Yosh's magnet is conscionable 40mm, truthful it's fundamentally similar your telephone is floating connected the aerial vent, and, due to the fact that there's nary arms holding it successful place, it's casual to rotation 360 degrees oregon instrumentality off.

For the astir part, it works truly nicely. There are decidedly scenarios that could origin issues, too, though.

While we're large fans of the sleek, hidden quality of the design, it's besides portion of its downfall - and we did acquisition our iPhone XS falling disconnected a mates of times.

The grippers that connect to the vent are besides rather thick, which, depending connected your car, tin truly impact conscionable however sturdy this remains. 


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Beikell Adjustable Car Phone Holder



  • Adhesive highly strong
  • Very sturdy design


  • Adhesive tin besides origin damage
  • Chunky design

If you deliberation the champion spot to hole your telephone successful spot is the dashboard, Beikell's suction cupful plan whitethorn beryllium for you.

Designed to remainder connected reasonably level surfaces, the sticky gel pad fits underneath the holder and keeps things sturdy, with users past capable to fiddle astir with the limb and determination up oregon down to acceptable their desired level.

As with the astir different holders, it tin besides beryllium rotated 360 degrees. And erstwhile the driving is done, simply propulsion the lock/release fastener to eject the phone. 

So, it's each beauteous straightforwars stuff, then?

Well, yes, for the astir part. The lone existent contented we discovered is that the adhesive connected the underside mightiness really beryllium a spot excessively strong.

We'd counsel anybody fixing this to their car to truly springiness it a deliberation astir placement earlier committing - this isn't 1 that's casual to reposition. 


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iOttie Car Windshield Mount



  • Carefully considered design
  • Strong hold


  • Relatively expensive
  • Some issues with bigger phones

If you're looking to equine onto your dashboard oregon windscreen, iOttie's adhesive cradle is decidedly 1 to consider.

Like the remainder of the field, you're capable to pivot the cradle (in this case, 225 degrees) to get the champion presumption of your screen, portion the arms and bottommost tin beryllium adjusted to acceptable the size of beauteous overmuch immoderate phone. 

It's important to support successful caput that immoderate suction equine is semi-permanent, and people whitethorn besides succumb to vigor implicit time, but it's a cleanable solution that keeps your aerial vents escaped from clutter.

The lone different contented exclusive to this equine we recovered during investigating was with bigger phones, which it sometimes struggled to support successful place. Aside from that, though, and providing you're consenting to wage a spot extra, this is simply a precise coagulated pickip.

Other products we considered

The Pocket-lint editorial squad spends hours investigating and researching hundreds of products earlier recommending our champion picks for you. We see a scope of factors erstwhile it comes to putting unneurotic our champion guides including physically investigating the products ourselves, user reviews, marque quality, and value. Many of the devices we see don’t marque our last champion guides.

These are the products we considered that yet didn't marque our apical 5:

How to take a car telephone holder

While we would beryllium the archetypal to admit that car telephone holders aren't the astir analyzable of devices, determination are things to see earlier handing implicit your hard-earned cash. In this section, we'll concisely screen them.

Which plan is champion for your car?

We've mentioned this a small spot already, but it's worthy repeating again. Essentially, determination are 3 antithetic types of car telephone holder plan - immoderate clip to the car's aerial vents, immoderate connect via an adhesive connected the windshield and immoderate connect via an adhesive connected the dashboard. 

As you'll observe with our apical picks, immoderate negociate to incorporated a mates - oregon each 3 - types of holding mechanics into 1 design, giving users a overmuch greater scope of versatility.

We recovered during investigating that windshield and aerial vent car telephone holders were cleanable for our car, but had issues with adhesives connected the dashboard due to the fact that of its curved shape. It sounds a small obvious, but it's really casual to place - ideate wherever you're going to privation to interact with your telephone and however your car is acceptable up for that earlier you buy. Is it going implicit the centre console, oregon is it sitting adjacent to your door? 

How agelong should you expect your car telephone equine to last?

Typically, telephone car mounts should past a decent magnitude of time. In our testing, we didn't usage the telephone equine connected each drive, but we did springiness each the models a bully magnitude of deterioration and tear. 

From that, determination were immoderate accordant issues that popped up - mostly to bash with adhesives. These are mostly precise precocious strength, but windshield models tin deteriorate if near successful nonstop sunlight, and dashboard models tin conflict with definite surfaces. Air vent models would look to beryllium the answer, but galore cars don't diagnostic them successful a bully spot - and you'll besides person to sacrifice the aerial blowing done arsenic it should.

Will the plan acceptable your phone?

Generally speaking, this shouldn't truly beryllium a problem. In fact, we didn't person 1 lawsuit successful which our trial phones wouldn't acceptable wrong the holder's grip.

There whitethorn beryllium a fewer left-field telephone designs that would conflict with the car telephone holders connected this list, but anybody rocking the typical, bar-shaped telephone should beryllium capable to easy tune the holder to their device.

Most enactment by allowing a precise wide scope for you to past fastener the telephone into, and tin merchandise the instrumentality and spell into afloat hold with the property of a button. It besides shouldn't marque a quality whether you similar your telephone to beryllium scenery oregon representation erstwhile successful the car, each holding sheet volition beryllium designed to support it locked successful position. 

What benefits does having a telephone equine bring?

Aside from being beauteous overmuch a ineligible requirement, fixed that you typically can't usage your telephone portion driving, telephone mounts successful cars let you to easy spot navigation directions, play astir with music, rapidly presumption texts and caller ID, person a telephone speech connected speakerphone, arsenic good arsenic overmuch more. Due to the placement, you'll usually beryllium capable to nexus a charging cablegram with ease, too.

How overmuch should you walk connected a car telephone mount?

As you mightiness expect, car telephone mounts are mostly wrong the £10 - £15 / $15 - $25 range. There's truly nary crushed to wage overmuch much than that, and, astatine slightest successful our experience, the much costly models lone truly warrant their terms tag done versatility and the prime of the adhesive, alternatively than wide physique quality.

More astir this story

Every merchandise successful our roundup of the champion car telephone mounts has been tested by the Pocket-lint squad successful their ain idiosyncratic cars, conscionable arsenic you would successful your day-to-day life.

This way, we were capable to rapidly get to grips with whether it met the standards of the shaper and our ain expectations of however a bully telephone holder should perform.

We've tested successful aggregate vehicles with a scope of different-sized phones successful bid to found which we tin recommend, discovering their unsocial pros and cons during the process.

In particular, versatility successful mounting matters to america erstwhile it comes to this area, arsenic does the show of the adhesive connected the rear. That's wherefore we lived with these devices for much than conscionable a week oregon so, arsenic immoderate options not listed successful this usher deteriorated comparatively rapidly aft installation - oregon were conscionable simply not acceptable for purpose.

We aren't funny successful extraneous details oregon pointless number-crunching successful our guides - and, successful the lawsuit of telephone mounts for cars, it's a elemental country that needs an arsenic elemental mini-review. 

Writing by Conor Allison. Originally published connected 14 September 2020.

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