Biden Will Tour Kentucky Storm Damage

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Politics|Biden Will Tour Kentucky Storm Damage

President Biden volition sojourn different catastrophe country successful an effort to connection comfortableness to victims and item the national government’s response.

President Biden volition  sojourn  Mayfield, Ky., which was devastated by tornadoes past  weekend.
Credit...Johnny Milano for The New York Times

Jim Tankersley

Dec. 15, 2021, 11:09 a.m. ET

WASHINGTON — President Biden flew to Kentucky connected Wednesday greeting to survey the damage wrought by a bid of deadly tornadoes past weekend, reprising a relation comforting catastrophe victims that has go a staple of his presidency.

The tornadoes ripped done a 200-mile swath of the state, sidesplitting scores of radical and leaving much than 1,000 families stateless oregon with terrible harm to repair. Mr. Biden volition circuit immoderate of the hardest-hit areas connected his trip.

In the precocious morning, helium volition instrumentality an aerial circuit of Mayfield, Ky., which was devastated by the storms, and past inspect it connected the ground, wherever helium volition beryllium briefed by section officials and sojourn a neighborhood.

In the day helium volition circuit a vicinity successful Dawson Springs, Ky., a tiny municipality that is the birthplace of the begetter of Gov. Andy Beshear of Kentucky, a Democrat who volition articulation the president connected his trip. Mr. Biden volition past springiness remarks connected his administration’s effect to the storms.

The president has already made respective akin trips since taking bureau successful January. He has visited with victims of hurricanes and utmost storms connected the Gulf Coast and successful the New York area, and with victims of wildfires successful the West.

In each case, Mr. Biden has tried to reassure residents that the national authorities was moving hard to velocity betterment efforts, portion besides offering idiosyncratic comfortableness to radical who person suffered utmost harm from the disasters.

In Kentucky, Mr. Biden “will beryllium surveying the tempest harm firsthand, making definite that we’re doing everything to present assistance arsenic rapidly arsenic imaginable to impacted areas to enactment betterment efforts,” Jen Psaki, the White House property secretary, told reporters connected Tuesday.

“I tin archer you from traveling connected immoderate of these trips with the president successful the past,” she said, “often what happens is helium volition inquire leaders directly, ‘What bash you need? What are you not getting? And however tin we marque it faster for you?’ And past helium volition get backmost successful the car and helium volition springiness an duty to a staffer and say, ‘Get this done.’”

The portion deed by the storms voted mostly for Mr. Biden’s opponent, erstwhile President Donald J. Trump, successful the 2020 election. A newsman asked Ms. Psaki connected Tuesday if Mr. Biden had prepared specifically for his sojourn to the blimpish area.

“I deliberation the president looks astatine radical done the calamity they’re experiencing — the heartache they’re feeling astatine the nonaccomplishment of life, the nonaccomplishment of their homes; questions galore radical are raising, I know, astir whether they tin physique backmost from this — this tempest that’s impacted their communities,” she said. “He looks astatine them arsenic quality beings, not arsenic radical who person partisan affiliations.”

Ms. Psaki said this week that Mr. Biden had invited the full Kentucky legislature delegation, which is heavy Republican, to travel him connected the trip. White House officials listed lone 1 subordinate of that radical connected the authoritative manifest for the formation to the state: Representative James Comer Jr., a Republican whose territory includes Mayfield.

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