Blockchain-Based Antifragile Fund, BoCG Ventures, Announces Board Leadership Appointment of Richard Walden, JD

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Blockchain-Based Antifragile Fund, BoCG Ventures, Announces Board Leadership Appointment of Richard Walden, JD

Bothnia Consulting Group is arrogant to denote the summation of the distinguished and salient humanitarian fig and attorney, Richard Walden, to its Board of Directors. Walden is 1 the astir trusted voices and brands for catastrophe assistance relief, planetary development, and planetary nationalist wellness legislation.

Richard has served arsenic Co-Founder and CEO of Operation USA for 43 years - an planetary catastrophe alleviation and improvement bureau helping planetary communities flooded the effects of disasters, disease, unit and endemic poverty. Since inception, OpUSA has deployed much than $450 cardinal crossed 100 countries. The enactment partners with groups specified arsenic the United Nations, NASA, and International Rescue Committee. Strategic partnerships see Honeywell, Milton Giving Fund, Sony Music Group, and Stryker. Celebrity affiliates see Julie Andrews, Barbara Streisand, Sharon Stone, Rosario Dawson, Bill Maher, George Hamilton and Jackson Browne.

"The summation of Richard volition accelerate our efforts to go a marketplace person successful uncovering and backing innovative portfolio companies. Our ethos is to democratize antifragile assets - whether that democratization means concern exemplary innovations that marque costly items much affordable, fractionalization of assets for distribution, oregon caller work models. Over the past 4 decades, Richard has shown the satellite however reasoning extracurricular the container tin chopped done the reddish portion and get things done and we are thrilled to person his counsel." - Lyon Kassab, Managing Partner

As a BoCG Ventures advisor, Richard volition oversee the societal interaction of our task portfolios from a philanthropic lens. He volition play a relation successful the improvement of our concern funnel of globally minded financiers, backstage institutions, and precocious nett worthy individuals. Richard intends to absorption his efforts connected ensuring that we make a CSR backbone focusing connected underserved and emerging regions. 

"I person been astir galore entrepreneurs, fiscal institutions, and thriving businesses that spell from 0-100 passim my lifetime. When I was introduced to the intimate operations astatine BoCG, I knew that it was not lone a differentiated model, but besides a instrumentality to adjacent the innovation nonaccomplishment gap. Having been a spectator to the accomplishments of the enactment team, I jumped astatine the accidental to go a portion of this dynamic group." - Richard Walden

Prior to Operation USA, Richard served connected California's Health Facilities Commission nether Edmund G. Brown (California), Jr., Mayor John Lindsay (New York) and holds adjacent ties with existent nationalist officials - including Mayor Eric Garcetti and Governor Gavin Newsom. Walden attended UPenn for Economics, the Wharton School of Finance, and University of Pennsylvania Law School portion remaining progressive successful the State Bar of California. He presently serves arsenic a committee subordinate to prime high-growth companies.

About BoCG Ventures: BoCG Ventures' ngo is to make marketplace leading, antifragile brands. For much information, sojourn our website. To enactment connected, travel america connected LinkedIn, Medium, and Twitter.

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