Chris Hayes’s Interview With 1/6 Rally Organizers Was A Total Train Wreck

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Chris Hayes tried to interrogation 1/6 rally organizers Dustin Stockton and Jennifer Lawrence but was swallowed by a oversea of crazy.


The Chris Hayes interrogation with the 1/6 rally organizers goes wholly disconnected of the rails erstwhile Dustin Stockton starts talking astir MSNBC and "Russia memes."

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) December 16, 2021

From the precise beginning, erstwhile Hayes tried to get Stockton to speech astir the 1/6 Committee and each helium wanted to bash was speech astir Paul Gosar and pardons, things were disconnected track.

Chris Hayes wanted to get the 2 1/6 rally organizers to adjacent the interrogation connected a precocious enactment but having everyone hold that the predetermination wasn’t stolen, but it lone took moments earlier impermanent Dustin Stockton started rambling astir MSNBC memes astir Trump and Russia during the aboriginal days of the Trump administration.

Hayes tried to steer the speech backmost to sanity, but the vessel had sailed and was heading consecutive for the iceberg.

It is understandable wherefore Chris Hayes would privation to bash the interview. These are 1/6 rally organizers who could enlighten viewers and supply a behind-the-scenes look astatine the readying that went into the rally.

The disconnect came erstwhile Hayes tried to person an intelligence treatment astir high-minded points erstwhile his guests were intelligibly existent believers.

Hayes should beryllium fixed recognition for trying, but the interrogation was similar an SNL skit waiting to happen. In the end, the propulsion of the brainsick tide was excessively strong, and it yet sunk the interrogation and pulled him under.

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