DeNations Metaverse Collaborated With Donut Artist Jae-Yong Kim, Releasing Donut NFTs

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DeNations Metaverse Collaborated With Donut Artist Jae-Yong Kim, Releasing Donut NFTs

There are doughnuts that you cannot instrumentality a wound of. It is simply a donut baked with ceramic, not flour. Inedible donuts are created by the creator Jae Yong Kim. Now, helium is astir to present a integer donut NFT alternatively of ceramic donuts.

The creator Jae Yong Kim held his archetypal solo accumulation of ceramic donuts astatine the Blank Space Gallery successful New York City successful 2012. Since then, helium has held galore exhibitions each astir the world. He successfully became 1 of the well-known Korean artists by closing exhibitions successful South Korea arsenic well, including Hakgojae Gallery Solo Exhibitions "Donut Fear," KIAF "Donut Madness!", and Shinsegae Gallery "SHOOT!"

Every donut is baked, colored, and glazed by hand, truthful identical donuts cannot exist. The halfway motto of Kim's donut artworks and the fundamentals of NFT Generative Art stock communal values, non-fungibility. DeNations learned that his donuts' uniqueness corresponded to the characteristics of Generative Art, starring DeNations' task to collaborate with Kim. DeNations volition merchandise a full of 25 digitalized Donut NFTs 'The Invincible Donuts: 25 Days of Colorful Journey' connected 25 November 2021. To commemorate the archetypal collaboration with Kim, DeNations and Kim decided to mint 5 NFTs per each Invincible Donut (total of 125 NFTs). Starting from 25 November, 25 antithetic Donut NFTs volition beryllium released and dropped regular for 25 days excluding weekends. The Colorful Journey of Invincible Donuts ends connected December 29.

DeNations is simply a blockchain-powered metaverse level wherever you tin ain nations, physique cities/civilizations, and gain tokens. The ownership of halfway assets, nations, cities, and civilization, is represented by Ethereum NFT (Non-Fungible Token). DeNations' NFTs are present connected OpenSea Marketplace and DeNations was ranked 4th successful presumption of trading measurement nether the virtual satellite class (based connected August 2021). Ten months aft the DeNations task began, the income of the Nation Ownership NFT surpassed $100,000. Furthermore, the full trading measurement was much than $2 cardinal arsenic of the extremity of October, showing large results.

As DeNations is becoming notable each day, it has released an NFT Art level called DeNations Art Chain, a decentralized ecosystem wherever talented and well-known artists tin easy nutrient and commercialized invaluable NFTs. Moreover, DeNations Art Chain seeks to promote some collectors and investors to easy entree artists' NFT artworks. If you bargain the DeNations' Art NFTs, it is much than ownership of the NFT. Art Farming and Art NFT integration with DeNations metaverse are what differentiates DeNations from different platforms. Art NFT owners could gain accordant profits by registering NFTs connected the DeNations metaverse platform. Therefore, some collectors and investors could instrumentality vantage of DeNations Art Chain to physique wealth.


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