Digital transformation or bust: Report highlights digital-native necessity

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The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated integer translation strategies arsenic COVID-19 continues to displacement the mode radical work, socialize and behaviour business.


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The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated integer translation strategies for companies crossed industries, arsenic COVID-19 continues to displacement the mode radical work, socialize, bash concern and more. On Thursday, WNS released a study titled "Business Transformation After the Digital Tipping Point," highlighting the necessity of integer transformation, challenges hindering these plans and more.

"The information that COVID-19 has genuinely fast-tracked integer adoption finds resonance successful the results of our survey – 73 percent of respondents expect to implicit each of their integer translation programs wrong 5 years," said Gautam Barai, main operating serviceman astatine WNS, a concern process absorption company.

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COVID-19 and accelerated integer transformation

Overall, the survey was conducted this outpouring involving 101 integer translation leaders located successful North America, Europa and Australia. Among enterprises that did not accelerate integer translation owed to the coronavirus pandemic, 90% mislaid business, according to the report. Virtually each respondents (97%) said they had "started delivering their integer translation strategies" and astir one-quarter (28%) said "digital is present portion of their companies' DNA."

The study besides highlights the necessity of integer capabilities arsenic companies with lagging integer translation deployments hazard going under. When discussing organizations that "were dilatory to accommodate to the caller digital-only concern scenery COVID-19 has catalyzed," 37% of respondents said these companies person "lost a large woody of business" and 26% said these companies "are struggling to survive," according to WNS.

Digital tools and workforce training

A information of the study focuses connected the hiring practices and programs companies are implementing to summation cognition astir these integer tools. Three-quarters of respondents (77%) said they've already provided executives with information literacy grooming to "ensure unit [has] the skills they request to enactment with data-driven technologies" and 22% program to bash truthful this year. To conscionable these objectives, 55% said they person "launched company-wide information literacy programs," 34% program to prosecute information translators this twelvemonth and 16% said they person already brought connected these employees, according to the report.

Cyberattacks and web security

A fig of caller cyberattacks person reverberated crossed captious aspects of the U.S. infrastructure ranging from domestic state and nutrient production to local h2o supplies, bringing web information to the forefront for companies. Interestingly, 76% of respondents said challenges astir integer translation projects person been created arsenic a effect of a "lack of enforcement enactment for cybersecurity improvements," according to the report.

A information of the study focuses connected information governance maturity among responsive enterprises. Overall, lone 1% of respondents described their level of information governance maturity arsenic "expert" meaning the institution has "automated processes successful spot to streamline [the company's] information governance practices and guarantee unit tin fulfill their roles comfortably."

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The bulk of respondents (51%) identified their level of information governance maturity arsenic "intermediate," meaning the institution has specified a model successful place, but "struggle with information silos and a deficiency of consciousness of idiosyncratic information governance responsibilities," according to the report; different respondents described their company's level of information governance maturity arsenic "advanced" (44%) oregon "beginner" (4%).

Cloud migrations

In the property of telecommuting enactment astatine scale, galore companies person tapped unreality solutions to alteration distant teams. According to the report, 77% expect their unreality migrations to beryllium completed successful the adjacent 2 years and 68% expect they volition "have digitized each client-facing and back-office processes," during this time.

Additionally, the study said COVID-19 has "accelerated the migration of data, applications and services to the cloud" by a afloat twelvemonth for astir one-third of respondents.

"These singular findings intelligibly show that businesses globally person recognized the urgency to instrumentality the pb successful integer translation contiguous to accommodate and thrive successful an progressively 'digital-only' world," Barai said.

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