Far Cry 6 Gets New Story Trailer, Villain Castillo Remains Big Focus

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Who is Far Cry 6’s Antón Castillo? An extended communicative trailer that premiered astatine Gamescom contiguous attempts to reply the question, but equipped guards chopped the reply short. Castillo, played by Emmy-nominated histrion Giancarlo Esposito, kills without question for the greater bully of the Yaran radical and to acceptable an illustration for his young son, Diego.

An in-game interviewer brings up the enslaved labour camps that Castillo uses to mass-produce a commodity called Viviro, the astir effectual crab treatment. And erstwhile that aforesaid interviewer reminds Castillo of his teen imprisonment and a decade-long stint of hard labor, this enrages him, “When Yara becomes paradise, my methods – nary 1 volition care.” It’s harmless to accidental that the casting squad was fortunate to get retired of determination alive.

Protagonist Dani Rojas, however, sees done Castillo’s lies. A guerrilla revolutionary straight affected by the dictator’s hyper-violent tendencies, they acceptable retired with a radical of ragtag mercenaries to wrest Yara from cruel control. Cute and unsafe pets, arsenic good arsenic a bevy of hand-crafted weapons, mightiness marque the conflict for state each the much interesting. Of course, a communicative of this quality tin person immoderate real-world implications. Narrative manager Navid Khavari has straight stated that Far Cry 6 is simply a governmental game:

“The conversations and probe done connected the perspectives of those who fought revolutions successful the precocious 1950s, aboriginal 1960s, and beyond are perfectly reflected successful our communicative and characters. But if anyone is seeking a simplified, binary governmental connection specifically connected the existent governmental clime successful Cuba, they won’t find it. I americium from a household that has endured the consequences of revolution. I person debated gyration implicit the meal array my full life. I tin lone talk for myself, but it is simply a analyzable taxable that should ne'er beryllium boiled down to 1 quote.”

Far Cry 6 releases for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, PC, and Mac connected October 7.

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