Fox Analyst Juan Williams Calls GOP “An Anti-America Party”

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Fox expert Juan Williams criticized the Republican Party, saying that their insistence connected backing erstwhile President Donald Trump’s baseless claims that the 2020 predetermination was stolen and for dismissing and attempting to rewrite the communicative astir the January 6 insurrection.

“Doesn’t it infuriate you to spot truthful galore Republicans marque lying astir the victor of the 2020 predetermination a trial of enactment loyalty?” helium wrote successful an op-ed for The Hill.

Those are radical who worth slogans much than the quality to govern the country,” helium adds later. “That means ambitious GOP politicians are close to imitate Trump’s tactics of inciting outrage and demeaning anyone, including Republicans, who basal extracurricular the cult. It besides means that Republicans are indifferent to the corruption successful the Trump White House that has been elaborate successful galore books.”

Noting that President Joe Biden recently hosted the first-ever White House “Summit for Democracy,” Williams said that Biden had each close to see Republicans successful the United States” connected a database of threats against democracy, Williams said, “The clip has travel for each American, including the president, to basal up and enactment earlier it is excessively late.”

Williams’s comments came aft erstwhile President Trump implicit the play appeared connected Fox News property Laura Ingraham’s amusement and claimed that the code helium gave up of the insurrection, successful which helium urged his supporters to “fight similar hell” and overturn the predetermination results, was “extremely calming” contempt each grounds of the contrary.

“I person thing to hide. I wasn’t progressive with that and if you look astatine my words and what I said successful the speech, they were highly calming, actually,” Trump claimed, saying that helium believes helium has the close to asseverate enforcement privilege to debar cooperating with the House Select Committee tasked with investigating the insurrection.

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