Hugo Family Speaks Out After Deadly Dog Poisoning- I Know Someone Knows Something WCCO

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Washington County Authorities Investigating After Hot Dogs Found With Metallic Liquid InsideBy Liz CollinAugust 20, 2021 astatine 6:01 pm

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A deadly canine poisoning has a Hugo household searching for answers.

The Bluetick hound named Ruby died past period aft suffering hours of seizures. Another dog, Duke, besides got violently ill.

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The owners discovered grounds of what apt led to it all, close successful their Hugo beforehand yard.

Duke and Pauly inactive bask their clip playing outside. However, for the past period they haven’t spent arsenic overmuch clip determination aft what happened to the 3rd canine successful their pack.

“She was 4 years aged and a ace bully girl,” Kelly Trapanier said of their dog, Ruby.

It was the greeting of July 16 erstwhile Ruby went extracurricular with Duke — and erstwhile Trapanier ran retired to find Ruby shrieking and seizing.

“I was conscionable trying to fig retired what I could bash for her close then. It was conscionable terrible,” she said.

A travel to the Emergency vet lasted each time wherever Duke was sick, too.

“Ruby was inactive successful truly unsmooth shape. She was inactive seizing and this was similar 5 hours later,” Trapanier said.

The Trapanier’s made the hard determination to enactment her down. Then, they went location to effort to fig retired what happened.

Turns out, immoderate half-eaten blistery dogs successful the gait had immoderate benignant of metallic liquid inside.

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“I was horrified. I was horrified due to the fact that I didn’t springiness my dogs blistery dogs,” Trapanier said.

Washington County is present investigating. The Trapanier’s checked and said nary 1 had ever called the section to kick astir their dogs before.

The household sent toxicology tests from Ruby to a laboratory successful Michigan. Results past week corroborate a substance caused cirrhosis of Ruby’s liver.

“No, I’m not going to halt until we fig retired who did it,” Trapanier said.

Yard signs present enactment their spot successful their hunt for justness and information successful their quiescent portion of municipality has besides go a priority.

“Now we person cameras each implicit the spot due to the fact that you can’t conscionable spot radical apparently,” she said.

“I cognize idiosyncratic knows thing and I anticipation idiosyncratic volition accidental thing and we tin get justness for Ruby,” she added.

The household has paid retired thousands of dollars successful vet bills and for laboratory results. They are besides readying to person an autopsy performed connected Ruby.

Their different dog, Duke, besides suffered liver harm from that time that they don’t cognize what volition mean for him long-term.

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If you person immoderate information, you’re asked to telephone the Washington County Sheriff’s Office astatine 651-430-7600.

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