Is Sony working on a PlayStation mobile controller?

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(Pocket-lint) - We've heard a mates of times astir Sony's longterm program to commencement bringing much of its astir celebrated intelligence properties into the mobile gaming realm arsenic a mode of spinning up much revenue, and present a patent filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment successful Japan holds different clue.

The patent is for a beauteous typical-looking mobile gaming controller, conscionable with each the hallmarks of Sony's DualShock controller from the PS4 era. Just similar different options already connected the market, it'd sandwich your telephone betwixt 2 halves of a DualShock.

This would springiness you the benefits of due buttons and joysticks, portion leaving you the quality to play your crippled without the surface obscured by your fingers astatine all. Given that the DualShock (and the PS5's DualSense) are fashionable choices for bluetooth controllers connected mobile already, it makes consciousness to connection a much tailored design.

Sony's mentation would seemingly besides person the quality to observe you tilting the controller around, perchance letting you usage gyro controls successful a crippled that doesn't interface with your phone's ain quality to consciousness question (if it has it astatine all).

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For now, though, the patent has to beryllium taken with a pinch of salt, adjacent with drawings arsenic credible arsenic the 1 you tin spot supra included successful it. Until thing factual comes retired of PlayStation, this'll stay simply a imaginable plan for a hypothetical controller, alternatively than thing we tin beryllium definite is connected its mode to market.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published connected 29 November 2021.

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