Joey predicts sacked Scott's 'best' next move

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NSW Blues manager Brad Fittler had a blunt portion of proposal for Curtis Scott aft helium was dumped by the Raiders for an off-field incident, portion eighth Immortal Andrew Johns predicted what his adjacent determination could be.

The Raiders abruptly sacked Scott conscionable 2 years into his four-year declaration aft the 23-year-old was charged with battle for an alleged combat astatine a Canberra nightclub earlier this year, which led to him receiving a three-game prohibition and $15,000 good from the NRL. Scott intends to combat the complaint successful court.

Scott had not played for the Raiders since Round 12, and the nine decided to extremity his declaration earlier the charges were heard by the court. Scott admitted to media that he had joined Alcoholics Anonymous to effort to enactment his vocation backmost connected track, but helium expressed disappointment successful the mode the nine handled the controversy.

Johns said the champion enactment for Scott present whitethorn beryllium to question opportunities overseas to flight the NRL pressure-cooker.

"I deliberation the champion happening for Curtis mightiness beryllium to spell overseas and play successful the Super League," Johns told Wide World of Sports' Freddy and The Eighth.

"He's excessively bully a subordinate not to beryllium playing. He conscionable needs to benignant himself out, which he'll bash I anticipation and conscionable mature a bit. But it's a pugnacious 1 due to the fact that you cognize he's going done immoderate dramas mentally."

Curtis Scott was sacked by the Raiders (Getty)

Fittler rubbished Scott's disapproval of the Raiders upon his unceremonious exit from the club, and alternatively said Scott's intoxicant issues should punctual him to travel the proposal of the Bulldogs' billionaire pub-owner sponsor Arthur Laundy, who told Adam Elliott this week to discontinue drinking amid different scandal.

"It's intolerable to blasted the Raiders for what they've done with Curtis," Fittler said.

"There's inactive a work of the subordinate to adhd worth to your squad and particularly if you're connected bully dollars similar helium was. I deliberation everyone wishes him the champion to get himself sorted but helium mightiness privation to perceive to Arthur Laundy arsenic good - get disconnected the drink."

Fittler suggested the problems which person followed Canberra this play including Scott's complaints, could beryllium a effect of failing to execute their potential.

"They made a expansive final, made a preliminary last and with that comes unit to triumph a expansive final, and with that unit immoderate radical don't grip it," Fittler said.

'Toughest' portion of Scott axing

Johns defended the Raiders' handling of Scott's departure too.

"I deliberation the Raiders did person grounds to merchandise him," helium said.

"It's hard to speech astir due to the fact that Curtis had fto it beryllium known helium was having immoderate intelligence wellness dramas, but erstwhile again it's the transportation betwixt intelligence health, and handling that and intoxicant and self-medicating. And it seems that erstwhile helium does person plentifulness to portion past there's fights and immoderate aggression coming out.

"I find him a truly bully young fella. Obviously there's been dramas with things that person happened to him younger successful life."

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