Lerner will distribute books from publishing startup Soaring Kite

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Soaring Kite Books, a startup publishing location successful Washington focused connected number authors and divers audiences, volition person its books distributed by Lerner Publishing Group, the Minneapolis steadfast that is 1 of the nation's largest producers of children's titles.

The companies announced the narration Monday. For Soaring Kite, the woody represents an accidental to rapidly scope immoderate of the nation's largest buyers of acquisition books, including retailers, schools and nationalist libraries.

Lerner, meanwhile, gets the accidental to assistance make a steadfast that's focused connected contention and practice successful media and acquisition materials.

"Lerner Publisher Services is dedicated to inclusion successful children's books and that is the main ngo of Soaring Kite Books," said David Wexler, pb income enforcement astatine Lerner Publishing Group.

Soaring Kite was founded successful April 2020 by Ceece Kelley, a Black selling enforcement who wanted to springiness children of colour much books with characters that look similar them. On its website, the institution cited information from the Cooperative Children's Book Center that recovered astir 27% of children's books published that twelvemonth were astir characters who were Black, Hispanic, Asian oregon American Indian.

The archetypal Soaring Kite Books that Lerner volition administer includes the representation publication "Dear Mama's Loving Arms," written by Kelley and illustrated by Sawyer Cloud. It volition besides administer 2 books by Kelley featuring a quality named Georgie Dupree and aimed astatine children who are conscionable learning to read. They are illustrated by Chloe Guevara.

Kelley has recruited a fistful of different authors and illustrators to physique an archetypal pipeline of books.

"What started arsenic a mode to guarantee families similar excavation were represented successful books has turned into a level for divers authors astir the satellite to stock their cultures successful children's literature," she said successful a statement.

Soaring Kite volition enactment with the publishing services limb of Lerner, which chiefly has served arsenic a U.S. distributor and promoter of children's books by publishers successful different countries.

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