LIVE: Knights, Titans brace for 'danger game'

1 month ago 13
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The Knights volition beryllium without Daniel Saifiti and David Klemmer for tonight's clash against the Titans, starring Newcastle large Andrew Johns to beryllium wary.

"I'm going to extremity the Knights, but this is simply a existent information game," Johns said successful Wide World of Sports' play tips segment.

"The past mates of years erstwhile they've been successful contention for the eight, the past mates of rounds they've truly struggled."

NSW Blues manager Brad Fittler was tipping the Titans to get the biccies implicit the Knights.

"Big misses, a mates of large men [out for Newcastle]," Brad Fittler added.

"The 1 happening the Gold Coast has got is simply a batch of large fellas disconnected their seat - Fotuaika, evidently Fifita and past you've got Tino and Wallace.

"I'm reasoning it'll beryllium an upset here. They bushed them earlier successful the twelvemonth and I conscionable consciousness similar the Knights aren't going that well."

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