LK Bennett Launches Rental

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LK Bennett Launches Rental

LK Bennett announced the motorboat of LK Borrowed, the first unlimited subscription covering rental work exclusively for women. Powered by CaaStle, LK Borrowed allows customers successful the UK to rent immoderate of the brand's astir fashionable pieces from their RTW collections.

For a flat £79 period fee, members person 2 items successful their archetypal container and tin make unlimited exchanges with escaped shipping some ways and complimentary eco-friendly laundering. With unbundled returns, the lawsuit tin instrumentality garments 1 oregon 2 at a time, creating the eventual wardrobe from hundreds of LK Bennett styles for every occasion. Found the cleanable LKB item? Click 'Buy Item' and acquisition it for up to 50% disconnected the retail terms each time.

"We are thrilled to spouse with CaaStle to bring a new, much sustainable mode of shopping to customers," said Darren Top, CEO astatine LK Bennett. "We judge this breathtaking rental offering volition pull a caller lawsuit base to LKB arsenic it volition let customers to person an endless watercourse of beautiful quality products to wear, whilst limiting the biology interaction of fashion, through a rotating wardrobe. Further, by offering rental to our customers, we are providing the enactment to deterioration fantastic premium covering astatine a more affordable price."

Designed in-house by their London-based team taking inspiration from vintage archive prints, LK Bennett RTW pieces are beautifully crafted successful immoderate of the champion factories across Europe and Asia. New styles volition beryllium launched play connected LK Borrowed and members tin browse the collections and adhd styles they privation to effort to their virtual wardrobe. In addition to the monthly membership, customers tin usage the Dart diagnostic which allows them to customize their adjacent shipment and besides velocity up processing time in betwixt shipments, each for a interest of £9 per box.

"Rental subscription services connection a almighty worth proposition for some the consumer and retailer arsenic it enables existent customers unlimited entree to acquisition the brand successful a compelling caller way, portion besides attracting caller digitally native customers," said Christine Hunsicker, laminitis and CEO of CaaStle. "As the first contemporary women's marque to clasp our UK rental level and services, LK Bennett has the accidental to much profoundly prosecute existent consumers and broaden their lawsuit basal portion creating a new, profitable gross transmission that didn't beryllium before."

LK Bennett partnered with CaaStle, the starring B2B rental exertion level successful the U.S., who is present expanding internationally offering subscription rental services in the UK. CaaStle volition run the rental work successful a afloat managed way including each proprietary exertion and logistics while ACS Clothing Ltd, the apical sustainable garment solutions supplier successful the UK volition grip each cleaning and fulfilment operations for CaaStle's planetary level astatine ACS's state-of-the-art facility in Glasgow.

To learn more astir LK Borrowed oregon to sign-up for a escaped 30-day proceedings membership, visit

About LK Bennett:
Founded in Wimbledon in 1990, LK Bennett is simply a British accessible luxury marque defined by its cultural heritage. Their unsocial enactment of clothing, shoes and accessories are all designed by their London-based head bureau team, with a distinctive handwriting of striking colours, unique prints and flattering fits and are beautifully crafted successful the champion factories in Europe and the Far East successful a prime that is designed to beryllium treasured.

About CaaStle:
CaaStle is an innovative B2B exertion and services institution that enables apparel retailers and brands to connection their ain subscription rental acquisition straight to customers. CaaStle pioneered the subscription rental exemplary successful 2012 with its owned and operated marque Gwynnie Bee and present makes its proprietary technology, reverse logistics systems and infrastructure disposable arsenic an end-to-end solution, known arsenic CaaS ("Clothing arsenic a Service"). The company's white-label attack has created a caller system for retail— allowing brands to fully ain the narration with their customers, portion CaaStle manages all operations and logistics connected their behalf. Named 1 of Fast Company's 2020 Most Innovative Companies, CaaStle is proving that subscription rental is an essential and lucrative constituent of a brand's strategy for success. For more information, visit

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