Magic: The Gathering's 2022 Includes Classic Worlds, Fortnite, And Street Fighter Cards

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Wizards of the Coast hosted a showcase this greeting highlighting what 2022 volition look similar for its flagship paper game, Magic: The Gathering. Not lone volition Planeswalkers beryllium returning to a mates of beloved worlds, but Wizards is besides rolling retired the reddish carpet for the archetypal Universes Beyond sets, including immoderate caller partnerships with large games similar Fortnite and Street Fighter.

Universes Beyond is simply a mode to bring fan-favorite franchises into the Magic ecosystem, and Wizards has grabbed immoderate large names to incorporated implicit the adjacent twelvemonth and beyond. Fortnite volition marque its debut successful Magic done a Secret Lair drop, a limited-time mini-set that tin beryllium purchased straight from Wizards of the Coast. Unlike immoderate different Universes Beyond cards, the Fortnite crippled pieces volition beryllium reprints of existing Magic cards, but with creation from the conflict royale behemoth. You tin cheque retired the archetypal creation shown from this acceptable astatine the apical of the article. No expected timeframe was fixed for the merchandise of the Fortnite Secret Lair.

Also connected the skyline for Universes Beyond is simply a Secret Lair driblet celebrating the 35th day of Street Fighter. These cards volition beryllium mechanically unique, with versions acceptable successful the Magic beingness coming astatine a aboriginal date. We were treated with a glimpse astatine the creation for Chun-li’s card, which was said to diagnostic the mechanic Multikicker, which is hilarious and flavorful for evident reasons. These cards are acceptable to spell connected merchantability sometime successful 2022.

While the Warhammer 40k Commander decks and Lord of the Rings afloat acceptable person been known for rather a while, we got immoderate much accusation connected them during today’s presentation. Warhammer 40k volition beryllium represented with 4 ready-to-play Commander decks with creation representing characters and places successful that beingness for some caller cards and reprints. These decks are slated to merchandise successful the 2nd fractional of 2022, with immoderate Secret Lair products releasing alongside them.

Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-Earth is the authoritative sanction of this afloat Universes Beyond set, present coming successful 2023. It volition beryllium ineligible successful the Modern constructed format. Tales of Middle-Earth features iconic characters specified arsenic Gandalf, Gollum, Aragorn, and Frodo. Taking beats from Tolkien’s stories, Wizards is promising players volition “battle for The One Ring, strategy with Saruman, oregon travel to the heights of Mount Doom.” This acceptable volition besides beryllium accompanied by 4 Commander decks and Lord of the Rings-themed Secret Lair drops.

For those looking guardant to 2022 for Standard-legal sets, the presumption did not disappoint. The archetypal acceptable arriving adjacent twelvemonth volition beryllium the long-awaited instrumentality to a Japanese lore-inspired level successful Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty. Taking spot 2000 years aft the archetypal Kamigawa sets from 2004 and 2005, Neon Dynasty is simply a cyberpunk instrumentality connected the plane.

After that, Wizards is taking america to a caller level altogether with an old-school mobster theme. Streets of New Capenna is simply a acceptable featuring three-color demon transgression families successful a metropolis primitively built by angels. The creation shown for this acceptable looks to diagnostic an armored and pin-stripe suited Planeswalker known arsenic Ob Nixilis. Streets of New Capenna should deed sometime successful the outpouring of 2022.

For the summertime set, Dominaria United, we’re returning to the level wherever Magic originated. Starting the solemnisation of the 30th day of the crippled a small early, Dominaria United volition let players to research the world packed with past again with classical characters and locations returning successful paper form. Expect plentifulness of legendary creatures to amusement up to physique astir for immoderate spicy Commander brews.

Coming successful the 4th fourth of 2022, the past modular merchandise of the twelvemonth volition beryllium The Brothers War, an lawsuit referenced successful immoderate of the earliest Magic cards. Set years successful the past, The Brothers War tells the communicative of the conflict betwixt Urza and his member Mishra, which engulfed the level of Dominaria successful all-out warfare and acceptable successful question the events that person transpired passim the multiverse since the game’s beginnings successful the aboriginal 1990s.

Cleaning up the remainder of the announcements, of which determination are a ton, fans tin look guardant to the pursuing products:

Unfinity – A caller silver-bordered draught acceptable that features a Space circus/carnival/amusement parkland theme. Expect plentifulness of jokes and whimsy, similar immoderate different Un-set release. Also included are caller basal lands and daze lands acceptable successful outer space. Unfinity is coming successful the 2nd 4th of 2022.

Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate – Bringing unneurotic 2 chaotic ideas from the past year, this draftable Commander-focused acceptable volition instrumentality spot successful the legendary Baldur’s Gate and volition besides beryllium coming successful the 2nd 4th of 2022.

Double Masters 2022 and JumpStart 2022 – These supplemental sets volition beryllium coming adjacent year. JumpStart 2022 successful peculiar volition diagnostic a new-to-Magic paper successful each battalion and person peculiar versions of cards featuring anime art.

Netflix’s Magic The Gathering animated series – The long-in-development bid has its scripts locked successful and is successful accumulation now. The communicative is acceptable to travel Gideon Jura, a Planeswalker primitively from the level of Theros. Gideon volition beryllium played by Brandon Routh, who immoderate whitethorn cognize from Superman Returns among different roles. The amusement launches astatine immoderate constituent successful 2022.

Innistrad Double Feature – Mashing unneurotic this fall's 2 monster-themed sets into 1 draught format, implicit with caller creation treatments based connected classical movie monsters. 

Wizards surely enactment each their cards connected the array for the adjacent twelvemonth of content. There’s a batch to look guardant to with classical planes and stories, arsenic good arsenic worlds Magic has yet to question to.

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