Maryland’s Wayward Zebras Have Been Captured After Nearly Four Months

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U.S.|Maryland’s Wayward Zebras Have Been Captured After Nearly Four Months

The 2 zebras had escaped with another, which was aboriginal recovered dead, from a suburban farm, delighting residents and evading attempts to seizure them, the authorities said.

Zebras that escaped from a backstage  workplace  successful  Prince George’s County, Md., roamed escaped  successful  Upper Marlboro successful  September.
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Dec. 14, 2021, 7:24 p.m. ET

For astir 4 months, 2 escaped zebras had built a beingness for themselves successful the suburban terrain of Maryland.

They made surprise backyard appearances, overmuch to the delight of residents, and crossed the streets similar each different law-abiding citizen. They grazed connected fields and pastures and drank from streams.

They besides evaded galore attempts to corral them. But they were yet captured past week, the Maryland Department of the Environment said successful a connection connected Tuesday.

The 2 zebras had been among the astir wanted residents of Prince George’s County since they escaped with a 3rd zebra from a workplace successful August.

The 3rd zebra was found dormant successful a snare trap a period aft the escape, the Maryland Natural Resources Police said successful October. All 3 animals had been surviving connected a workplace owned by Jerry Lee Holly, 76, successful Upper Marlboro, Md., according to the authorities.

The details of the seizure and the circumstances of their archetypal flight were inactive unclear. But the zebras person present been “returned to the herd,” the Department of the Environment said successful the statement. The section did not respond to questions connected Tuesday.

But what is known is that the monthslong ordeal came to a adjacent connected Monday, erstwhile the national Agriculture Department told the Prince George’s County Animal Services Division, which was handling the case, that the zebras had been returned the erstwhile week, the Department of the Environment said.

Neither the Agriculture Department nor the carnal services part was “involved successful the nonstop seizure of the zebras,” the Department of the Environment said, adding that it was continuing to analyse the case.

The carnal services part did not respond to emails oregon telephone calls connected Tuesday.

The adventures of the wayward zebras drew wide attention, with their each determination documented connected societal media. The zebras adjacent inspired a parody relationship connected Twitter, @MarylandZebra.

“Well, Well, Well … they got us,” the account posted connected Tuesday day aft quality emerged of the zebras’ capture, which was reported by WUSA-TV, a presumption successful Washington, D.C.

Another post that day said, “This isn’t implicit @LarryHogan,” referring to the politician of Maryland.

It is not wide what is adjacent for the zebras oregon their herd connected Mr. Holly’s farm.

While their compatriots were connected the loose, a zebra was found dead wrong Mr. Holly’s enclosure, the authorities said successful October.

He was charged with 3 counts of carnal cruelty, each of which carries a maximum punishment of 90 days successful jailhouse and a good of up to $1,000, region prosecutors said successful a charging document successful October. The authorities accused Mr. Holly of failing to supply a zebra with nutrient and due shelter, and of depriving a zebra of indispensable sustenance and inflicting unnecessary pain.

Mr. Holly could not beryllium reached connected Tuesday astatine respective telephone numbers listed nether his name.

For the captured zebras, gone are the days erstwhile they had unfettered entree to the state’s fields, pastures and streams. Unless they flight again, they person ended their tally arsenic Maryland’s favourite fugitives.

As @MarylandZebra put it connected Tuesday, “We had an astonishing time.”

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