Metroid Dread Update Now Live, Fixes Progression Bug And Various Other Issues

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Update, 10/21/21:

Nintendo has released a bundle update for Metroid Dread that fixes the progression bug it tweeted astir past week. It fixes "several different issues to amended wide gameplay experience," too, arsenic reported by Video Games Chronicle

To download the update, link your Nintendo Switch to the internet. Return to the console's location paper and past motorboat the game. The update volition beryllium downloaded and installed automatically, according to Nintendo. Once the update is installed, you should spot Ver. 1.0.1 on screen, which means you person the latest update for Metroid Dread installed. 

Original communicative below...

Original Story, 10/15/21:

Nintendo has issued a warning astir a bug presently contiguous successful Metroid Dread that prevents players from progressing further. 

This bug tin beryllium particularly annoying due to the fact that it tin hap adjacent the last sections of Metroid Dread. Nintendo says a hole for the bug volition beryllium released by the extremity of October, truthful it seems it volition beryllium nary much sometime wrong the adjacent 16 days. 

However, that means that Metroid Dread players mightiness inactive tally into successful betwixt present and then. Fortunately, Nintendo has elaborate however to debar it, oregon get escaped of it if it’s already encountered. You’ll cognize you’ve deed the bug if you person a connection that says, “The bundle was closed due to the fact that an mistake occurred” followed promptly by the crippled forcibly closing. 

This bug lone occurs nether a circumstantial series of events, though, according to Nintendo. 

“Near the extremity of the game, if the subordinate destroys a doorway portion a representation marker for that circumstantial doorway is displayed connected the map, the crippled volition forcibly adjacent and [the connection supra volition look on-screen],” Nintendo’s PSA about the bug reads. 

Sounds beauteous devastating, right? It could be, particularly if you’re gunning for the end, but fortunately, Nintendo has elaborate precisely however to get astir it oregon debar it altogether. 

Here’s what you request to bash if you brushwood the bug, oregon person already begun the series of events that volition pb to encountering the bug: 

  • Restart the crippled and, earlier playing done this sequence, region the doorway icon representation marker to forestall this mistake from occurring.
  • Once the October 2021 bundle update is available, beryllium definite to update Metroid Dread to debar encountering this bug. 

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[Source: Video Games Chronicle]

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