Morgan Stanley CEO says crypto and meme stocks pose bigger risks to investors

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  • James Gorman said immoderate moments successful the crypto and meme banal markets bash not marque sense.

  • He besides says SPACs and high-valuation stocks from companies with nary net yet are conscionable arsenic risky to investors.

  • The Morgan Stanley CEO is not invested successful crypto, helium told CNBC connected Monday.

Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman says that the much speculative investments successful the fiscal markets airs acold much risks to investors than the broader banal market.

Gorman said this during an interview connected CNBC’s “Closing Bell” this Monday, noting that helium is not himself invested successful crypto contempt calls from immoderate peers and owed to the quality of his job.

Stocks are not "that crazy"

While helium believes investors look bigger risks erstwhile they enactment their wealth into cryptocurrencies and meme stocks, Gorman says stocks bash not look “that crazy” adjacent erstwhile the marketplace is astatine its highest valuation levels.

He noted that determination are moments successful crypto markets that permission fiscal markets observers wondering if definite moves made consciousness astatine all. Using Bitcoin arsenic an illustration helium said that determination are moments erstwhile you can’t “rationally” accidental its question makes sense, and it doesn’t substance whether its worth is $60,000 oregon $6,000.

Other than cryptocurrencies and meme stocks, the Morgan Stanley CEO observed that investors besides person to contend with acold bigger risks successful different highly speculative investments tools specified arsenic SPACs and high-value stocks of companies with nary earnings.

The Morgan Stanley main besides talked astir the Federal Reserve and the anticipation that the cardinal slope volition apt determination to summation involvement rates overmuch sooner than initially thought.

According to him, hiking rates could present caller unit successful the banal market, but this won’t origin overmuch harm to investors adjacent arsenic the marketplace adjusts to that caller environment.

Gorman said the readjustment and a tiny correction would “not needfully [be] a atrocious thing.”

Bitcoin struggles, AMC and GameStop tank

Bitcoin terms has dropped astir 30% implicit the past 30 days, with the cryptocurrency’s breakdown beneath $50,000 coming astatine the aforesaid clip arsenic stocks conflict with downward unit related to a caller strain of Coronavirus.

Dogecoin, which Tesla CEO Elon Musk said successful a Time Magazine interrogation was more suited for transactions than Bitcoin, spiked much than 27% successful intraday deals connected Tuesday. This follows a tweet from Musk noting that Tesla could judge DOGE for its cars arsenic portion of a marketplace test.

Tesla volition marque immoderate merch buyable with Doge & spot however it goes

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) December 14, 2021

Elsewhere, AMC Entertainment and GameStop stocks, 2 of the astir fashionable meme stocks today, person tumbled successful caller weeks aft surging to caller all-time highs earlier successful the year.

On Monday, AMC stock prices fell 15% to deed a debased past seen successful May. GameStop connected the different hand, saw its shares diminution by 14%, with the double-digit losses sending the company’s banal terms to its lowest adjacent successful implicit 8 months.

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