NBA 2K22 Brings Back The W, Adding A New Badge Progression System

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Last year, the new-gen versions of NBA 2K21 introduced The W, which fto you make your ain WNBA MyPlayer for the archetypal clip and physique your ain way to stardom by playing for 1 of the league’s 12 teams. NBA 2K22 wants to physique disconnected its occurrence and marque the acquisition adjacent much authentic, putting an accent connected making calculated decisions that volition positively oregon negatively interaction however you advancement during your career.

Today, Visual Concepts highlighted much of what that would impact successful its latest Courtside Report, stating determination volition beryllium greater rewards and bigger consequences depending connected however your actions. You’ll besides person the accidental to turn your skills and renown by making connections with WNBA superstars who volition assistance you boost assorted abilities.   

One large summation is getting an all-new badge progression strategy being added to the mode. You tin customize your badges freely, allowing you to make unsocial builds depending connected your player’s specialties. Badges travel successful 4 categories: finishing, shooting, playmaking, and defense. When you make your MyPlayer, the badges disposable volition look adjacent to your attributes. By playing games, you’ll gain badge points, and erstwhile you gain capable to capable a meter, you tin equip oregon upgrade a badge. 

How your walk your off-time volition besides interaction your player. Visual Concepts is adding 3 playable activities to enactment successful connected these days that volition lend to either bettering your craft, gaining much popularity, oregon beefing up your slope account. If you partake successful scrimmages, which lone past 1 quarter, you person the accidental to amended your chemistry with teammates. If being a squad subordinate is important to you, you’ll privation to walk immoderate clip here. You besides person the enactment to articulation practices to enactment connected circumstantial skills, which volition lone assistance you gain badges and upgrades for them faster. 

However, if you privation to leverage the connections you marque astir the league, interaction workouts fto you situation WNBA superstars, specified arsenic Candace Parker, A’ja Wilson, and Nneka Ogwumike to 1-on-1, 2-on-2, oregon adjacent 3-on-3 games of 21. You commencement your The W travel with 3 WNBA contacts, and each subordinate specializes successful antithetic skills that volition assistance you amended your badge categories. Earning a W against 1 of these players boosts your badge advancement significantly. And if you lose, you tin support trying until you beryllium yourself. You besides person the enactment to yet squad up with them for workouts alternatively of ever going head-to-head. 

The W online is besides back, with immoderate improvements. You tin now team up with friends earlier hitting matchmaking, truthful you tin instrumentality to tribunal together. Playing online besides lets you gain play XP, which tin spell toward rewards, specified arsenic adding historical contacts for workouts. This volition refresh each season, but it looks similar for play one, you get legends from the Houston Comets and New York Liberty to larn from. Exclusive covering and signature animations volition besides beryllium available.

We noted successful our NBA 2K21 review that The W had promise, but needed much to it. Hopefully, Visual Concepts added capable extent to marque the mode worthy playing for the agelong haul. Time volition tell. Also enactment that The W and its features are lone disposable for the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S verions of NBA 2K22, which launches connected September 10.

For much connected each the announcements astir NBA 2K22 truthful far, cheque retired our diagnostic detailing them here

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