New Starfield Trailer Reveals More Backstory: Bloody Wars, Violent Space Pirates, And Galactic Mysteries

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Starfield, the highly-coveted Microsoft-Bethesda flagship title, soared nether the gaming community’s radar for years until its first trailer was showcased astatine E3 2021.  Early details were fewer and acold between, chiefly emphasizing features/aspects we had already expected: interstellar travel, planetary exploration, and the thrill of adventure. The latest Starfield trailer, however, teases adjacent much accusation astir the game’s lore and backstory. Bloody wars, convulsive abstraction pirates, and galactic mysteries await erstwhile we yet instrumentality to the stars adjacent year. You tin ticker the cinematic below.

Bethesda plan manager Emil Pagliarulo narrated the new, informative Starfield clip portion conception creation provided ocular context. “Our crippled is acceptable successful the twelvemonth 2330,” Pagliarulo began. “In a comparatively tiny pouch of the Milky way; successful an country that extends outward from our star strategy for astir 50 light-years.” Pagliarulo continues, delving into events that instrumentality spot agelong earlier we (and our subordinate character) participate the fray. In 2310, the 2 largest/primary factions successful the Settled Systems – the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective – were astatine war. This bloody conflict aboriginal came to beryllium called the “Colony War,” and the carnage near successful its aftermath is inactive felt today. 

In fact, contempt the uneasy peace, the Settled Systems are riddled with danger, from marauding abstraction pirates to fanatical spiritual zealots. And these are conscionable quality threats. If determination are immoderate alien taxon successful the works, I wonderment what they’ll bring to the table. In immoderate case, arsenic the newest subordinate of “Constellation” – an enactment of explorers – you’ll question passim the strategy (and perchance beyond?) to unearth the precise secrets of the beingness … oregon dice trying, I suppose. We’ll rocket to a bevy of planets successful what Bethesda accumulation and workplace manager Ashley Chang aptly calls “a Han Solo simulator.” 

Starfield launches for Xbox Series X/S and PC connected November 11, 2022. 

Are you excited astir the caller backstory deets? Do you deliberation we’ll brushwood extraterrestrials portion zipping astir the Settled Systems?

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