Panthers in the power rankings before Week 7 vs. Giants

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Carolina Panthers
21 Oct 2021, 20:44 GMT+10

CHARLOTTE - Follow 5 media outlets passim the play arsenic their writers update their NFL powerfulness rankings, presented by Daimler Trucks North America.

19 5 NFC South: Buccaneers 3rd, Saints 12th, Falcons 25th

ANALYSIS: "The Panthers look to person a Sam Darnold problem. Darnold showed committedness during Carolina's 3-0 start, but the lack of Christian McCaffrey has coincided with an extended agelong of unsmooth play by the fourth-year QB. Darnold deserves recognition for starring the Panthers to 11 unanswered points to unit overtime successful Sunday's nonaccomplishment to the Vikings, but helium was profoundly ineffective earlier those last 2 drives. Darnold threw an interception, mislaid a fumble and didn't transverse 100 yards passing until the 6:30 people of the 4th quarter. On Monday, Matt Rhule acknowledged Darnold needed to beryllium amended and declared the Panthers' days arsenic an air-it-out discourtesy are over. "We're going to redefine who we are," helium said. "That's the lone mode we tin win." Yikes."

17 5 ESPN NFC South: Buccaneers 4th, Saints 14th, Falcons 26th

ANALYSIS: "Injuries are an casual excuse for erstwhile things spell bad, but they truly are a origin successful Carolina going from 3-0 to 3-3. Statistics amusement however drastically the nonaccomplishment of moving backmost Christian McCaffrey has impacted backmost Sam Darnold and the offense. But arsenic arsenic large to the defence was losing cornerback Jaycee Horn and linebacker Shaq Thompson. They are 2 first-round picks who play a large relation and aren't easy replaceable. The sack and unit numbers person suffered greatly without them. Without the 3 players mentioned here, the assurance standing should beryllium little than I person it."

18 3 CBS Sports NFC South: Buccaneers 4th, Saints 9th, Falcons 25th

ANALYSIS: "Sam Darnold has been mean the past fewer weeks, opening up the speech again that they request a backmost to physique around. He's struggled the past fewer weeks."

17 5 Bleacher Report NFC South: Buccaneers 3rd, Saints 12th, Falcons 26th

ANALYSIS: "The Carolina Panthers are struggling.

After roaring retired of the gross with 3 consecutive victories to unfastened the season, the Panthers person dropped 3 successful a enactment aft falling successful overtime to the Vikings successful Week 6.

With moving backmost Christian McCaffrey connected the shelf, much violative unit has been placed connected backmost Sam Darnold of late. The results haven't been pretty: Darnold completed conscionable 17 of 41 passes against Minnesota with a passer standing of 55.6. The violative struggles person near Carolina's defence connected the tract more, and an exhausted Panthers D was carved up successful Week 6 to the tune of 571 yards allowed.

Panthers caput manager Matt Rhule told reporters that he's alert the discourtesy needs to amended substantially.

"Again, I deliberation we had a plan," Rhule added. "I deliberation we felt bully astir it. Obviously, today, it didn't look precise bully astatine times. We're conscionable gonna proceed to germinate and effort to get better."

Darnold's atrocious crippled against Minnesota wasn't solely his fault. Panthers receivers dropped a fig of passes that deed them successful the hands. But determination person been capable flashbacks of the Darnold who struggled truthful severely successful New York implicit the past fewer weeks to ratchet up the interest level successful Charlotte."

18 7 Sports Illustrated NFC South: Buccaneers 2nd, Saints 12th, Falcons 26th

ANALYSIS: "The entity is possibly perchance falling connected Sam Darnold-he was dreadful successful a Week 5 nonaccomplishment to the Eagles, but his show successful Sunday's overtime nonaccomplishment to the Vikings is harder to grasp. He didn't play well, but was besides burned by a fig of drops and enactment unneurotic an awesome 11-play, 96-yard thrust successful 87 seconds to enactment the game-tying 8 points up astatine the extremity of regulation. The defence is astir apt a twelvemonth distant from being genuinely elite anyway, but the Panthers would person an absorbing determination to marque connected Darnold should the archetypal 3rd of the play repetition itself 2 much times."

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