Pet dogs respond to an average of 89 distinct words or phrases

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A survey of canine owners has concluded that the mean favored tin respond to 89 words oregon phrases, with immoderate dogs responding to 215

Life 14 December 2021

By Christa Lesté-Lasserre

Girl and favored  dog

Dogs respond to much words than you mightiness think

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Domestic dogs respond to 89 words and phrases, connected mean – including verbs, nouns and presumption of endearment – suggesting that their quality vocabulary skills widen good beyond intentional cues similar “sit” and “stay”.

Sophie Jacques and Catherine Reeve astatine Dalhousie University successful Canada created an archetypal inventory of 172 words and phrases they suspected favored and moving dogs mightiness beryllium astir apt to recognise. That database was based connected anterior studies, canine grooming courses, items marketed for dogs successful favored shops, …

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