Pet Wellbeing Seeks Crowdsourced Nominees for Pet Rescue Donation Drive

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Pet Wellbeing seeks to expand their successful grassroots donation drive and requests the public to nominate pet rescue organizations across North America for donations of their holistic pet health supplements.

Starting in July of this year, Pet Wellbeing launched the Rescue the Rescues donation drive to support rescue dogs and cats with their health supplements. Pet Wellbeing has donated to rescue organizations of every size in over 25 US states and Canadian provinces, providing health support to hundreds of rescue animals in the process. To date, the company has donated over $25,000's worth of their products.

Since its launch, Rescue the Rescues has evolved from its initial effort into a fully fledged, crowdsourced outreach. Pet Wellbeing is now appealing to the pet-loving public and its own enthusiastic customer base to nominate rescue organizations of their choice to receive donations. Nominations can be made on Pet Wellbeing's website. Each nominee will be offered a care package of supplements based on their rescue animals' specific health needs. 

CEO Darcy Foster says, "Supporting pet rescues and the individuals who lead them is a natural extension of our values here at Pet Wellbeing." After promoting positive messaging around rescue pets for years, Pet Wellbeing has put their values into action through this dedicated donation drive. "The challenge is to keep the pets healthy and happy as they try to transition to a new home. We are proud to now be a direct part of that effort, but we can't do it alone."

To champion the pet rescue cause, Pet Wellbeing offers safe and effective health supplements to improve the quality of life in dogs and cats in need. Created by integrative veterinarians and clinical herbalists, Pet Wellbeing supplements can support over 120 common health issues in dogs and cats, ranging from allergies and anxiety to kidney disease and even cancer. 

Founded in 2001, Pet Wellbeing provides veterinarian-formulated, natural health support for pets and pet owners around the world. Their on-staff, holistic veterinarians develop products blending traditional herbal knowledge, current scientific research, and hands-on clinical experience.

Please direct any media inquiries to Shawn Haché:, (604) 440-4826



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