Photons could be ‘split’ in two to create a weird new form of light

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Physicists person shown that ‘splitting’ particles of airy into alleged Majorana bosons, a feat agelong thought to beryllium mathematically impossible, whitethorn beryllium achievable

Physics 15 December 2021

By Leah Crane

Split photon

Artistic illustration of a photon divided successful two

Trustees of Dartmouth College

A benignant of airy that was antecedently thought to beryllium intolerable whitethorn beryllium existent aft all. Creating it would impact “splitting” a azygous photon of airy betwixt 2 locations to nutrient particles called Majorana bosons.

In 1937, Italian physicist Ettore Majorana suggested that immoderate electrons, which autumn into a class of particles called fermions, could beryllium divided into 2 theoretical particles called Majorana fermions. This would not impact physically breaking the electrons successful half, but alternatively utilizing quantum effects to springiness the …

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