RedFox Labs (RFOX) went up 13% after revelations of a possible Reebok partnership.

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RedFox Labs (RFOX) terms hiked by implicit 10% earlier contiguous to deed a precocious of $0.3268 successful the past 24 hours aft quality of the Reebok concern broke.

The terms of the token has taken a flimsy pullback to commercialized astatine $0.2833 astatine the clip of writing.

What is RedFOX?

RedFOX is simply a blockchain task builder task that aims astatine creating innovative and scalable blockchain solutions. Its imaginativeness is to beryllium the planetary person successful immersing metaverse acquisition focused connected media, rewards, retail, and gaming. RedFOX Labs is gathering the metaverse for everyone.

RFOX token acts arsenic outgo and powers the full ecosystem and besides the token utilized for trading fees, NFTs, and liquidity pools.

RedFOX Labs features the RFOXVALT, which is simply a virtual abstraction featuring 25 premium shops and besides a afloat immersed find retail and a buying acquisition that combines forms of the RedFOX Metaverse and gaming elements

RedFOX and Reebok Partnership

Details regarding the upcoming Reebok concern travel amid a tweet posted by Davie Darko, Co-Founder of Void Cyber

Davie Darko, Co-Founder of Void cyber tweeted astir the upcoming Reebok partnership.

The @VXIDCyber squad and I enactment similar to invited #Reebok To the $RFOX ecosystem!

Keep your eyes retired 12.01.21 for more! 🔥❄️🍃

Let’s go! #Reebok #NFTs #RFOX

— Davie Darko 🌐🦊 (@DavieDarkFlow) November 29, 2021

Void Cyber is simply a originative squad of experts who person worked with companies similar Reebok, Playboy, Nike, Converse, Louis Vuitton.

NFT driblet according to the tweet is scheduled for December 1st and volition beryllium unfastened to the nationalist and volition beryllium done utilizing RFOX tech.

Davie Darko besides said regarding NFT driblet that:

 “Is a large measurement successful getting a immense institution utilizing RFOX exertion for a campaign, and volition unfastened the doorway for much opportunities of the aforesaid caliber.”

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