Roccat's superb Vulcan TKL Pro keyboard is now available in glorious artic white

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(Pocket-lint) - Roccat has announced that its tenkeyless Vulkan Pro keyboard is present yet disposable successful arctic white. 

The caller achromatic exemplary of the Roccat Vulcan TKL Pro is the aforesaid slimmed-down exemplary for those looking to prevention abstraction connected their table without compromise. Only present with much stylish looks. 

The Roccat Vulcan TKL Pro keyboard sports everything we loved astir the erstwhile models. A brushed aluminium backplate, snazzy RGB-friendly design, low-profile aesthetic and beautifully intelligent backlighting. 

The highlights present see the tenkeyless signifier origin and Titan Optical switches. These switches are said to connection 40 per cent faster actuation (at conscionable 1.4mm) than accepted mechanical keyswitches. This is acknowledgment to a setup that uses beams of airy to observe keypresses successful a akin mode to Razer's optical switches.

The Titan Optical switches are rated for 100 cardinal clicks too, making them much durable than astir modern mechanical switches which are said to past up to 50 cardinal clicks. 

Like erstwhile Roccat Vulcan keyboards, the arctic achromatic Vulcan TKL Pro besides makes the astir the awesome AIMO intelligent lighting with debased illustration keycaps and wide keyswitch housing, resulting successful immoderate magnificent looking RGB. 

For this version, Roccat has besides introduced a detachable USB-C cablegram plan which it says offers much convenient portability and the enactment to swap retired for a customized cablegram arsenic well. 

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This caller plan is presently disposable to pre-order straight from Roccat and volition acceptable you backmost £149.99 with orders buying connected 6 December. 

Writing by Adrian Willings. Originally published connected 23 September 2020.

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