Smart Christmas lights: How to add voice controls and more to your Christmas lights with Alexa, Google Home or Siri

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(Pocket-lint) - Ah Christmas, the clip of scrabbling astir nether a histrion to unplug each those lights, getting jabbed successful the caput by those rogue needles connected that Nordmann fir you were coerced into buying.

Well scrabble nary more, due to the fact that for each Christmas histrion light, there's a astute location solution waiting to marque your beingness easier. That mightiness beryllium dependable controls to crook them connected oregon it mightiness beryllium a docket to crook them off.

Here's however to marque your Christmas lights smart.

Smart Christmas lights essentials

The starting constituent is simply a astute plug. It mightiness beryllium reasonably dubious for 11 months of the year, but astir Christmas, the astute plug is the champion happening successful your location (aside from pigs successful blankets, but they aren't particularly smart).

There are tons of plugs connected the market, but you'll request 1 that's compatible with your strategy of choice. If you've got Hive, it makes consciousness to look astatine the Hive Active plug, if you're an Amazon Echo oregon Google Home idiosyncratic past the TP-Link Tapo plugs enactment well. For Apple Homekit the Eve Energy is an option.


After that you'll request thing astute to power it. You tin usage an Android telephone with Google Assistant oregon the Apple iPhone with HomeKit, but utilizing Google Home oregon Alexa (through the Amazon Echo oregon different speakers), makes things a batch much amusive for the full family.

The simplest astute Christmas airy setup

With truthful galore options, we're going to tackle the astir basal of options. Take your astute plug and link it to an hold pb and plug each your Christmas histrion lights oregon different Christmas lights into that hold lead.

When your astute plug turns on, each your lights volition crook on. Simple.

All astute plugs springiness you a scope of options for control, including smartphone power oregon scheduled control. Thanks to this astute link, you tin docket your lights to travel connected astatine a peculiar time, spell disconnected successful the evening oregon you tin crook them connected without having to physically spell and crook thing connected oregon off.

Just travel the instructions that travel with the plug and you'll soon beryllium connected. If thing else, you'll beryllium capable to past crook the lights connected and disconnected with your phone.

The happening to see is the level you're using: Hive Active Plug needs a Hive Hub, TP-Link oregon Tapo doesn't request a hub, Eve Energy offers much functions with Apple TV.

There are plentifulness much options, similar turning connected a acceptable clip earlier sunset, to make actions and reactions erstwhile you person a astute plug successful place.

Voice controlled Christmas lights

Of course, nary 1 is impressed with a scheduled timer immoderate more: dependable power is the caller chill and the easiest devices to acceptable this up with are Amazon Echo (or different Echo speakers) oregon Google Home (via Google Assistant), but iPhone and iPad are beauteous elemental too.

Voice power your plug connected Alexa

Starting with the Echo/Alexa option, this is incredibly simple.

  1. Tell Alexa to scan for devices. Make definite your plug is turned connected and Alexa volition find it (you mightiness person to alteration a caller Skill).
  2. Open the Alexa app and find your plug successful the Devices section. Change the sanction to "Christmas lights" and save.
  3. Say "Alexa crook connected the Christmas lights".
  4. Adopt a smug grin and determination yourself immoderate eggnog.

Some astute plugs mightiness request to alteration a accomplishment connected Alexa to get them working. If you person an Echo Plus and a Zigbee plug, you should beryllium capable to each the setup straight connected Alexa, nary hubs needed. If you bargain the ^Tapo oregon Kasa plug supra you'll request to usage the respective app to acceptable it up, but the champion regularisation of thumb is to get the plug moving and past adhd it to Alexa.

Via Alexa you tin besides radical devices, truthful you could person your Christmas lights crook connected with different astute devices successful that room.

Voice power your plug connected Google Home oregon Google Assistant

Google Home and Google Assistant connected Android devices some connection linked functionality. There's besides a Google Assistant app connected iPhone that volition bash the aforesaid thing, truthful determination are plentifulness of options here.

  1. Open the Home app connected your phone.
  2. Your linked devices volition beryllium here, oregon you tin nexus accounts to get entree to those devices.
  3. Locate your plug, rename it to "Christmas lights" and save.
  4. Say "Ok Google, crook connected my Christmas lights".
  5. Adopt a smug grin and commencement munching mince pies.

Google Assistant is smart, due to the fact that you tin besides delegate that plug to the country it's in. By doing this you tin person it crook connected oregon disconnected with the country lights - for illustration delegate it to the surviving country and erstwhile you accidental "turn disconnected the surviving country lights" each the lights volition crook off, country and festive.

Voice power your plug with Siri

Siri plays bully with HomeKit which plays bully with Apple devices. You'll get power via Siri connected Watch, iPhone, iPad oregon HomePod.

  1. Open the Home app connected your iOS instrumentality and pat connected the + awesome apical close of the screen.
  2. Tap connected the Add accessory button.
  3. Find the 8 digit HomeKit codification either connected the broadside of your instrumentality oregon connected a paper successful the container and scan it with your phone.
  4. Rename your plug to "Christmas lights" and save.
  5. Say "Hey Siri, crook connected Christmas lights".
  6. Adopt a smug grin and quaff a solid of sherry.

HomeKit has immoderate different advantages, due to the fact that it volition fto you cross-control devices wrong the HomeKit environment. You can, for example, delegate a HomeKit plug to a Hue-enabled airy switch, truthful you could power your Christmas lights from Hue Tap, oregon adhd different devices to make a Christmas scene, by dimming others lights, closing your blinds, oregon adjacent lock/unlock your beforehand door. 

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published connected 11 December 2017.

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