The brutal Bennett sledge that floored Origin star

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Melbourne Storm prop Christian Welch has lifted the lid connected the "real Wayne Bennett".

Speaking to the Hello Sport podcast, Welch elaborate a hilarious speech betwixt himself and the then-Queensland manager astatine a grooming league for the 2020 Origin series.

"I've got a bully communicative astir Bennett successful Origin Camp," Welch said.

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"I don't truly cognize Wayne Bennett and astatine the archetypal grooming league idiosyncratic passed maine the shot and like, I've dropped it.

"Anyway I've heard this sound successful the inheritance and helium goes, 'Welch you would've caught it if it was a cheeseburger you abdominous f--k', and I was similar what? Who's that? It was Bennett - ohio s--t."

The 27-year-old hasn't been the lone subordinate to bull a spray from Bennett, Welch recounting Broncos prima Kurt Capewell being connected the receiving extremity of immoderate classical Bennett banter too.

Wayne Bennett speaks during a property conference. (Getty)

"We'd person to get COVID tests each 2nd oregon 3rd time due to the fact that we're determination for similar 3 oregon 4 weeks, 3 games successful a row," helium said.

"And I retrieve him yelling retired to Capewell, 'Capes did you neglect your COVID trial truthful we tin f--k you disconnected already?'.

"And I was similar he's conscionable truthful overmuch banter and value.

"It's a shame radical don't get to spot the existent Wayne Bennett due to the fact that he's specified a legend."

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