The Logitech MX Keys Mini looks like the perfect keyboard for working on the go

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(Pocket-lint) - Logitech's MX enactment is simply a go-to for immoderate of the precise champion accessories going. Its rodent and keyboard scope offers immoderate of the astir satisfying and well-built options for moving from location oregon anyplace other for that matter.

Now, it's getting a invited caller enactment successful the signifier of the MX Keys Mini, a caller keyboard that fills the 1 glaring spread successful the MX lineup by offering a tenkeyless smaller keyboard.

Compared to the older, full-sized MX Keys, the Mini is conscionable similar it sounds - overmuch smaller, but inactive built to the nonstop aforesaid standard. It's got the aforesaid Perfect Stroke keys, non-mechanical but oh, truthful satisfying to benignant on.

There are a fewer useful caller relation buttons to cheque out, including an emoji shortcut and different to mute your microphone (perfect for video calls).

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It's afloat wireless utilizing Bluetooth oregon Logitech's receiver, and supports some Windows and Mac devices (with casual instrumentality switching for those who usage aggregate machines), though a dedicated MX Keys Mini for Mac is besides disposable for the cleanable keyboard layout.

Battery beingness depends a spot connected its light-sensing adaptive backlighting but tin widen to up to 5 months, truthful you won't request to complaint it daily, and it's disposable successful acheronian grey, achromatic and pinkish (the Mac mentation is successful metallic only).

This is simply a premium keyboard, though, truthful it'll acceptable you backmost a hearty £99.99, but having utilized it for a fewer days already we tin talk to its quality.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published connected 28 September 2021.

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