The re-creation of Seikos first Alpinist watch from 1959. An important sports watch classic is re-born.

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The re-creation of Seikos archetypal Alpinist ticker from 1959. An important sports ticker classical is re-born.

A faithful re-creation of Seiko’s precise archetypal sports watch.

It was successful 1959 that Seiko’s archetypal Alpinist ticker was introduced to conscionable the needs of upland climbers and recreational tract sports enthusiasts. From the start, it was good received and, implicit the ensuing decades, its estimation dispersed acold beyond the Japanese marketplace for which it was first intended. Remarkably, it was the archetypal Seiko ticker ever produced with sports successful caput and it blazed a way that led to the improvement of many landmark timepieces and timing devices for sports, from stopwatches to diver’s watches, successful the decades that followed. While its halfway quality has remained unchanged, its plan has evolved implicit time. Today, the archetypal Alpinist watch from 1959 is re-born successful a re-creation that has the precocious functionality that characterizes the Prospex collection, whose precise beingness owes truthful overmuch to the first 1959 Alpinist.

As striking contiguous as it was 62 years ago.

The archetypal 1959 Alpinist watch

Born successful 1959 arsenic the Seiko Laurel Alpinist, this ticker was a new departure for Seiko and marked its introduction into the sports ticker arena. It had a screw-back lawsuit to forestall particulate oregon soil particles from entering the case. It had a sturdy leather cuff set to support the ticker from perspiration. The indexes and the hr and infinitesimal hands each had luminous inserts ensuring high legibility successful the dark, and the sanction Alpinist was evoked successful the mountain-shaped markers astatine the three, six, nine, and 12 o’clock positions. These four clearly differentiated markers represented the 4 main points connected a compass and, with the specially designed marker astatine 12 o’clock, allowed the clip to be work safely and correctly astatine immoderate angle. This was a diagnostic that became central to the plan of galore consequent Seiko sports watches and remains so still today.

The leather strap sits wrong a protective cuff band.

The re-creation brings the 1959 Alpinist backmost to beingness in every detail. The generously sized markers are, arsenic before, acceptable against a black gloss dial. White infinitesimal markers signifier an interior ringing connected the dial base, conscionable as on the original. Of course, the indexes and the hr and infinitesimal hands are coated with Lumibrite for legibility successful the dark. The solid is simply a box-shaped sapphire crystal that re-creates the gentle consciousness of the archetypal watch’s characteristic domed glass. The ticker is presented connected a leather strap that has the aforesaid jagged stitch plan arsenic its predecessor.

A slimmer illustration and upgraded specifications

While the re-creation is faithful to the archetypal design, it has been brought close up to day successful exertion and has the precocious specifications and functionality for which Prospex is renowned. It present incorporates a date window betwixt 4 and 5 o’clock and is h2o resistant to 10 bar. The box-shaped sapphire crystal is treated with an anti-reflective coating connected the inner surface, delivering precocious legibility. The ticker is powered by the slimline Caliber 6L35 which has a powerfulness reserve of 45 hours. Despite the summation of a date and the enhanced performance, the lawsuit is conscionable 1.0mm thicker.

The re-creation volition beryllium disposable arsenic a constricted variation of 1,959 astatine the Seiko Boutiques and selected retail partners worldwide successful August 2021.

Three modern re-interpretations of the Alpinist articulation the Prospex collection.

In summation to the constricted edition, 3 different caller watches pay homage to the 1959 Alpinist. They are inspired by the archetypal watch’s distinctive plan but are modern successful their execution and, of course, up to date in technology, signifier and function. Lumibrite is applied to each 3 hands and the indexes that remainder connected metallic bases to make a multi-dimensional effect. The cases are polished to creating a modern look, particularly erstwhile combined with the gently rounded contour of the dial and case.

All 3 watches are powered by Caliber 6R35 which delivers a powerfulness reserve of 70 hours. The solid is simply a curved sapphire crystal that is resistant to scratches and the watches are each h2o resistant to 20 bar. Two watches are offered connected stainless alloy bracelets portion the greenish dial version comes with a leather strap.

All 3 watches instrumentality their spot successful the mainstream Prospex collection and volition beryllium disposable astatine the Seiko Boutiques and selected retail partners worldwide successful August 2021.

Seiko Prospex The 1959 Alpinist Re-creation


Caliber 6L35

Vibrations: 28,800 vibrations per hr (8 beats per second) Power reserve: 45 hours

Number of jewels: 26


Stainless alloy case

Box-shaped sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating Screw lawsuit back

Diameter: 36.6mm, Thickness: 11.1mm

Water resistance: 10 bar

Magnetic resistance: 4,800 A/m

Calf strap with cuff band

Approximate recommended retail terms successful Europe: €3,000 Limited variation of 1,959

Seiko Prospex The 1959 Alpinist Modern Re-interpretation




Caliber 6R35

Vibrations: 21,600 vibrations per hr (6 beats per second)

Power reserve: 70 hours

Number of jewels: 24


Stainless alloy case

Curved sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating

See-through screw lawsuit back

Diameter: 38.0mm, Thickness: 12.9mm

Water resistance: 20 bar

Magnetic resistance: 4,800 A/m

Stainless alloy bracelet with three-fold clasp with push button merchandise (SPB241, SPB243) Horse strap with three-fold clasp with push button merchandise (SPB245)

Approximate recommended retail prices successful Europe: €750 (SPB241, SPB243), €730 (SPB245)

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