Tom Cruise wanted to land his helicopter in James Corden's yard

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"The Late Late Show" big James Corden, who is friends with the actor, revealed on his show Tuesday that the 2 were texting erstwhile they realized they were some successful the UK astatine the aforesaid time, Corden filming a amusement and Cruise filming the latest "Mission: Impossible" movie.

"What? You are here?" Cruise wrote, according to Corden. "We gotta find immoderate clip to drawback immoderate dinner. Are you astatine Coworth? I tin onshore my Heli there."

    Corden replied, "Here till august. Staying successful St Johns Wood. Would emotion to spot you x."

      But Cruise was serious, writing, "We are going to marque that happen. Can I onshore my Heli successful your yard? T."

      James replied with 4 laughing look emojis, to which Cruise joked, "Does this mean no?"

      Cruise had also been successful the news for precocious landing his chopper successful a section family's tract successful the UK erstwhile the nearest airdrome had closed.

      Corden joked he'd treble cheque but it would astir apt beryllium a no.

        "I'll measurement it out, but my hunch is you can't onshore a chopper successful St. Johns Wood," helium wrote.

        To which Cruise replied, "You'd beryllium amazed wherever I tin really land."

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