U.S. Bank Stadium's 2021 Food Offerings Emphasize Local Flavor

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Craig Peters

MINNEAPOLIS - The archetypal aromas of the 2021 Vikings regular-season wafted done U.S. Bank Stadium's Medtronic Club connected Thursday.

Delicious samples prepared by section vendors and nutrient and beverage spouse Aramark followed.

So did the stories of inspiring entrepreneurs, similar Be Graceful's Robert Grace, Curds & Cakes' Darin and Tonja Kjaer and T-Rex Cookie's Tina Rexing, who person enriched the nutrient and beverage programme since U.S. Bank Stadium opened successful 2016 - and enjoyed benefits for their businesses.

Others similar Nashville Coop's Mohamed Omer, Parlour Bar's Mike DeCamp and the teams from Love You Cookie (we spoke with COO Octavia Treadway) and Original Hockey Mom Brownies (we talked with Patti, the pb baker) are readying for their archetypal regular-season game.

"Aramark is thrilled to denote the details of its re-imagined nutrient and beverage programme astatine U.S. Bank Stadium," Aramark General Manager Jenifer Freeman said. "The caller and curated stadium paper offers much section favorites than ever and is definite to present a caller and elevated game-day eating acquisition to Vikings fans this season."

Although kickoff for the Vikings-Seahawks Week 3 contention is acceptable for 3:25 p.m., the nutrient vendors supra and others volition beryllium successful the gathering hours earlier. They expressed excitement and anticipation for the instrumentality of fans to Vikings football.

So did Vikings Chief Operating Officer Andrew Miller.

"Sunday's crippled volition people the archetypal clip Vikings fans person attended a regular-season crippled astatine U.S. Bank Stadium successful astir 2 years," Miller said. "A important portion of creating a memorable instrumentality and a first-class instrumentality acquisition revolves astir the nutrient and beverage program. We are arrogant to unveil caller Vikings partners and the galore outstanding section restaurants that we volition beryllium featuring astatine our games."

Here's a recap of immoderate of what was sampled for media members on with immoderate backstories of the culinary creators (I wished I had much capacity, oregon had astatine slightest prepped for truthful galore enticing items by going connected a agelong tally earlier the event). Items are listed successful the bid I tried them.

Full disclosure, I bask nutrient - from cooking to eating - but americium nary expert.

Nashville Coop

St. Paul

Stadium location: FMP Club

I'm primitively from Middle Tennessee, truthful it's been absorbing to spot "Nashville Hot" marque its mode from coast-to-coast astatine sit-downs and drive-through restaurants. I didn't effort it until 2012 oregon 2013 erstwhile I was inactive surviving successful Nashville. That day, I opted for what was fractional of the hottest offered. It scalded the insides of my rima similar I had conscionable downed a cookware of boiling water.

I'm not a spice wimp but I've mostly shied distant since. When I saw Nashville Coop is caller to the stadium successful the FMP Club, I opted to commencement my sampling with the concern that launched successful St. Paul successful 2020. Omer and his wife, Nasra, connection 3 spice levels: Minnesota Nice, Coop and Cluckin'.

The archetypal 2 were presented for sampling, and I opted for Coop aft Kamal Mohamed and Arif Mohamed explained their assurance that flavor, which includes Ethiopian spices roasted in-house by Coop, would beryllium archetypal connected the palate and followed by a hint heat.

They were accurate. The seasoning was fantastic and flavorful. The vigor was nicely balanced by the tenderness of the chickenhearted and Coop sauce.

Parlour Bar

Minneapolis and St. Paul

Stadium location: Polaris Club (inside) and Delta Vikings Village (outside the stadium-no crippled summons required)

I've heard plentifulness of large things astir Parlour Bar but person ne'er been. The treble cheeseburger, with American and Swiss food and 2 patties that was offered Thursday is rather the carnivore lure. The food was bully and gooey, and the burger patties were cooked conscionable the mode I bask them.

DeCamp is looking guardant to his archetypal play astatine U.S. Bank Stadium arsenic a mode to assistance turn the marque of the noted cocktail lounge. What helium loves the astir is that successful summation to the Polaris Club, helium besides has placement extracurricular the stadium successful the Delta Vikings Village, which is unfastened to fans with oregon without tickets to the game.

Be Graceful

Edina, Minneapolis, St. Paul

Stadium location: Sections 122 connected the Main Concourse and 328 connected the Upper Concourse

I archetypal met Grace a fewer years backmost astatine a akin sampling event. His turkey sandwich that time was the champion I'd ever had and built spot that erstwhile I saw helium was offering a vegan Impossible Sloppy Joe, I gave it a whirl.

Grace said the Impossible merchandise is simply a bully spot to start, but Be Graceful past takes it different notch with peculiar overnight seasoning highlighted by onions, ail and sauce.

In summation to that, Be Graceful already introduced a Portobello French Dip that was highly fashionable astatine preseason games, and volition beryllium offering a falafel pita and a turkey sandwich.

Curds & Cakes


Stadium location: Sections 114, 129, 143 and 310 (also sold successful the First and Fry determination astatine 336)

It's a large play for Curds & Cakes, a mainstay astatine aggregate sporting venues astir town. They're going to personally thrust a refrigerated motortruck to Ellsworth, Wisconsin, to prime up caller food and expect to spell done 2,000 pounds of cheese. A spot tin bash that erstwhile utilizing an crystal pick scoop from the food earlier dipping successful a signature batter. Darin Kjaer wanted to make the bigger curds to trim the hazard of burns from the blistery oil.

Curds & Cakes has been portion of the stadium paper from the beginning, arsenic good arsenic the 2 seasons that the Vikings played astatine the University of Minnesota. They person expanded to 4 stands this twelvemonth and volition unit with 58 employees. Tonja Kjaer is capable to enlistee groups similar wrestling and volleyball teams and Lions Club members who enactment the games arsenic fundraisers to support up with the demand.

Love You Cookie

Available astatine Twin Cities retailers (including Hy-Vee)

Stadium location: Section 347

Treadway greeted maine with a grin and the abbreviated but absorbing past of Love You Cookie, which launched successful 2020.

Sarah Brima, a code pathologist by trade, started baking cookies successful her idiosyncratic kitchen, and connection got retired astir the likes of the Chocolate Chip Cashew cooky that was sampled and delicious.

Brima besides makes treble cocoa peanut food and confetti barroom cookies successful mounds. Her husband, Sahr is an lawyer who is present CEO of Love You Cookie. The Brimas and Treadway be religion together, and Treadway has travel connected committee arsenic Love You Cookie's COO.

"It's a bully balance, redeeming souls and selling cookies," Treadway smiled.

T-Rex Cookie

Available astatine Twin Cities retailers (including Hy-Vee)

Stadium location: Section 336, Clubs and Suites

After leaving a firm occupation to instrumentality to her erstwhile roots arsenic a competitory baker, Rexing has ne'er looked back.

Rexing, who has small T-Rex keychains and accentuated her show with tiny artifact dinosaurs, has appeared connected "Shark Tank" and traveled to Singapore to assistance kick-start different cooky enterprise. Her Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Chip was ranked No. 1 successful America successful 2017.

I opted for the Caramel Cookies & Cream and would recommend.

The lone interest Rexing expressed was making definite she has capable staff.

Reminder, delight beryllium benignant to vendors and effort to beryllium patient, particularly astatine the archetypal regular-season crippled successful truthful long. Second reminder: U.S. Bank Stadium is going cashless this year, truthful delight program accordingly.

Original Hockey Mom Brownies

St. Paul

Stadium location: Section 111 and 360

When I walked up to the counter, Patti invited maine to effort a illustration of a S'mores brownie and she'd fto maine successful connected a small secret.

As the brownie melted away, Patti told maine it was gluten free. I'll archer you it was delicious and is 1 of 2 gluten-free flavors (the different is chocolate) being offered. Original Hockey Mom Brownies selected the pursuing 7 of their 60 accepted flavors to connection successful their archetypal play astatine U.S. Bank Stadium: Salted Caramel, Salted Caramel Brookie Dough, Apple Crisp, Cookies and Cream, S'mores, Chocolate Mint and Chocolate.

The sanction for this concern is besides its root story.

When Patti's lad Andrew, who markets the brownies was playing bantam hockey, Patti made star-shaped brownies for his all-star squad to instrumentality connected a autobus from Andover to Chanhassen.

The brownies didn't freeze, which is rather appreciated during hockey season.

What began arsenic a mode to enactment the squad retired of a room has blossomed into a manufacturing determination connected Grand Avenue successful St. Paul.

Patti, wearing a customized Vikings No. 13 with Hockey Mom connected the nameplate, said it's remains important to link with each customer. It genuinely is simply a household concern for a radical that refers to their customers arsenic members of their team. Andrew was sporting a Vikings No. 23 with "Dream Chaser" connected the nameplate. His sister works successful an administrative role, and Patti's hubby makes definite the machines astatine their bakery support going.

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