UN Geneva Hosts 'The World in Faces' Photo Exhibition Sponsored by Nornickel

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UN Geneva Hosts 'The World successful Faces' Photo Exhibition Sponsored by Nornickel

United Nations Geneva with the enactment of Nornickel and the Permanent Mission of Russia to the UN successful Geneva hosts "The World successful Faces" photograph accumulation by the renowned Russian lensman Alexander Khimushin. The creator personally presented a postulation successful the main hallway of UN Geneva's Palais des Nations of 170 ample creator portraits of implicit 100 representatives of antithetic peoples of the world, photographed successful authentic nationalist costumes successful their habitat. A large portion of the accumulation is dedicated to the indigenous communities of Russia's Siberia and the Far East.

Tatyana Valovaya, Director-General of UN Geneva, Gennady Gatilov, Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to UN Geneva, and different officials took portion successful the accumulation opening ceremony. Indigenous radical of Taimyr (including those depicted successful Alexander Khimushin's photos) besides attended the ceremony. Heiro, the Taimyr Song and Dance Ensemble of the Peoples of the North, an honored Russian folk-art band, performed during the ceremony.

Nornickel shares the extremity of the "World successful Faces" task — to archer the satellite a communicative astir the indigenous communities, astir mundane life, customs, traditions. Many of the photograph portraits displayed astatine the accumulation were taken with the company's enactment successful Taimyr, location to the Dolgans, Enets, Nenets, Evenks and Nganasans.

"It is gratifying that the accumulation astatine the UN this twelvemonth takes spot arsenic the satellite celebrates International Human Rights Day. It is simply a large pridefulness and honour for maine to contiguous my photograph task astatine the UN, particularly connected this momentous day," said Alexander Khimushin.

Nornickel, 1 of the world's largest mining companies led by Vladimir Potanin, regularly participates successful projects intended to foster economical and societal improvement of Taimyr's indigenous communities. In 2020, Nornickel signed a practice statement with organisations representing the interests of the indigenous communities of the North inhabiting the Taimyr Peninsula for a full of US$27M (RUB 2 bn) implicit 5 years. The programme volition tally until 2024 and includes enactment for accepted activities, extortion of the indigenous habitat, and financing of caller homes, hospitals, museums, etc.

"Nornickel has ever interacted with the indigenous peoples of the Russian North successful an ambiance of relationship and communal assistance. This year, the company's relations with the indigenous peoples reached a caller level. Based connected the UN principles and objectives of sustainable development, we study, with the engagement of starring planetary experts and the technological community, the socio-cultural specifics of indigenous beingness successful Taimyr, and the traditions and humanities representation of the peoples surviving successful the region. This helps america marque our enactment to indigenous peoples much targeted and effective. Cultural projects and enactment of accepted folklore and handicrafts are 1 of the astir important components of our projects," said Mikhail Kuznetsov, Nornickel's Director of Federal and Regional Programmes.

The photograph accumulation volition tally until December 10, 2021.

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