US must not 'prematurely declare victory' over COVID-19, says Fauci

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Robert Besser
14 Oct 2021, 06:22 GMT+10

WASHINGTON D.C.: Dr. Anthony Fauci, Chief White House Medical Adviser, has said Americans should observe bully quality astir declining COVID-19 cases arsenic the vacation play approaches, but they should not "prematurely state victory" implicit the pandemic.

Increasing vaccinations and adherence to nationalist wellness precautions volition guarantee a blessed Halloween for children, helium added, portion telling CNN, "Particularly if you are vaccinated, you tin get retired determination trick-or-treating."

"If you are not vaccinated, again, deliberation astir it, that you volition adhd an other grade of extortion to yourself and your children and your household and your community. So it is simply a bully clip to bespeak connected wherefore it is important to get vaccinated, but spell retired determination and bask Halloween, arsenic good arsenic the different holidays that volition beryllium coming," helium added.

However, helium would not springiness his sentiment connected whether the U.S. should instrumentality a vaccine mandate for aerial travel, similar Canada, for the upcoming vacation season, which includes Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Referring to the diminution successful COVID-19 cases, hospitalisations and deaths aft the surge caused by the Delta variant, Fauci stressed, "We person to conscionable beryllium cautious that we bash not prematurely state triumph successful galore respects. We inactive person astir 68 cardinal radical who are eligible to beryllium vaccinated who person not yet gotten vaccinated."

"I request to spot the dynamics of the outbreak successful the assemblage spell mode down. If you look astatine the past of the surges and the diminutions successful cases implicit a play of time, they tin bounce back," helium said, successful effect to a question connected erstwhile vaccinated Americans should not beryllium required to deterioration masks indoors.

The fig of deaths caused by COVID-19 successful the U.S. has exceeded 712,000, with 44 cardinal full cases being recorded. Most hospitalizations and deaths are radical who are unvaccinated.

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