Vera Bradley and New Hope Girls Launch Third Limited-Edition, Co-Branded Collection for International Womens Day

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Vera Bradley and New Hope Girls Launch Third Limited-Edition, Co-Branded Collection for International Womens Day

FORT WAYNE, Ind., March 08, 2021 ( ) -- Vera Bradley, Inc. (NASDAQ: VRA; “Vera Bradley” oregon the “Company”), a starring American container and luggage institution and iconic manner brand, announced contiguous it volition observe its ongoing partnership with New Hope Girls, a for women, by women non-profit based successful the Dominican Republic, by launching a caller limited-edition handbag postulation on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2021. This is the 3rd consecutive year Vera Bradley and New Hope Girls person released a co-branded postulation successful honor of International Women’s Day.

The New Hope Girls + Vera Bradley postulation includes 2 of New Hope Girls’ top-selling styles – a zip pouch and hobo container – designed and sewn successful the Dominican Republic by New Hope Girls’ artisans. Each benignant is disposable successful a navy-grounded floral signifier (“Rain Forest Canopy Navy”) and a patchwork pattern (“Rain Forest Patchwork”), some created exclusively for the partnership, and see a peculiar bent tag featuring the communicative and signature of the pistillate who created it. Vera Bradley volition donate 75% of the collection’s sales to straight enactment the non-profit’s intent of providing rescue, refuge and restoration to girls and women from the darkest and astir hard places.

Joy Reyes, Executive Director of New Hope Girls, commented connected the partnership, “Vera Bradley holds a peculiar spot successful our hearts for the countless ways the Company and the radical down the marque person blessed our organization. This International Women’s Day marks the 10-year day of New Hope Girls’ founding, and I couldn’t deliberation of a amended mode to observe the occasion than by launching our 3rd New Hope Girls + Vera Bradley collection!”

Since 2016, Vera Bradley has rallied down New Hope Girls and its selfless mission to amended the lives of the women and girls successful its care. To amended the efficiency of New Hope Girls’ sewing operations, Vera Bradley designed a fully-equipped store with self-sustaining concern sewing machines and transformed the assemblage country into a welcoming and ineffable space. Additionally, Vera Bradley has offered ongoing concern mentoring and assisted successful training the women with sewing and designing techniques to amended their trade and help them turn arsenic artisans and individuals.

“Caring and creating brighter, much joyful lives for girls and women everyplace is stitched into the cloth of Vera Bradley’s brand. Supporting New Hope Girls is one of the galore ways we’ve committed to making a affirmative interaction successful our global community,” said Rob Wallstrom, Chief Executive Officer of Vera Bradley. “The work New Hope Girls does to springiness women and girls a consciousness of intent is inspiring. The enactment provides women with jobs to enactment their families, and provides girls with a home, education, structure and safety. This International Women’s Day, we’re arrogant to rise consciousness for New Hope Girls and nonstop 75% of New Hope Girls + Vera Bradley postulation income to assistance the organization grow its scope and proceed to thrive.”

The New Hope Girls + Vera Bradley postulation is present disposable successful Vera Bradley Full Line stores and online astatine For much information, delight visit and .

Vera Bradley, Inc. operates 2 unsocial manner brands – Vera Bradley and Pura Vida. Vera Bradley and Pura Vida are complementary businesses, some with devoted, emotionally-connected, and multi-generational pistillate lawsuit bases; alignment arsenic causal, comfortable, affordable, and amusive brands; positioning as “gifting” and socially-connected brands; strong, entrepreneurial cultures; a keen absorption connected community, charity, and societal consciousness; multi-channel distribution strategies; and talented enactment teams aligned and committed to the semipermanent occurrence of their brands.

Vera Bradley, based successful Fort Wayne, Indiana, is simply a starring decorator of women’s handbags, luggage and different question items, manner and location accessories, and unique gifts. Founded successful 1982 by friends Barbara Bradley Baekgaard and Patricia R. Miller, the marque is known for its innovative designs, iconic patterns, and brilliant colors that animate and link women dissimilar immoderate different marque successful the global marketplace.

In July 2019, Vera Bradley, Inc. acquired a 75% involvement successful Creative Genius, Inc., which besides operates nether the sanction Pura Vida Bracelets (“Pura Vida”). Pura Vida, based successful La Jolla, California, is simply a rapidly growing, digitally native, and highly engaging manner marque founded successful 2010 by friends Paul Goodman and Griffin Thall. Pura Vida has a differentiated and expanding offering of bracelets, jewelry, and different manner accessories.

New Hope Girls is simply a non-profit enactment that provides jobs for vulnerable women and refuge for girls rescued retired of the darkest places successful the Dominican Republic. Women sew and make beauteous bags successful the New Hope Girls workshop, with 100% of the nett proceeds supporting the New Hope Girls harmless house. The organization’s ngo is to “create a spot of airy and beingness for girls and women from acheronian and hard places, restoring individuality and intent for the future.” For much accusation astir New Hope Girls, sojourn or travel astatine @newhope.girls connected Instagram and New Hope Girls connected Facebook.

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