What to Know About California’s Flu Season

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Influenza each but disappeared past winter, but that’s improbable this twelvemonth amid loosened pandemic restrictions.

Soumya Karlamangla

Dec. 16, 2021, 8:47 a.m. ET


Masks and societal  distancing helped support  flu deaths beneath  mean  past  winter.
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As is the lawsuit with truthful galore things, the pandemic flipped connected its caput thing we erstwhile took for granted: the rampant dispersed of the flu.

Each twelvemonth betwixt October and May, mostly considered flu play successful America, millions of radical drawback influenza and tens of thousands dice from it. The flu has consistently been 1 of the apical 10 yearly starring causes of decease successful the U.S. — until 2020.

Last year’s flu play caused astir 1 percent of the hospitalizations and infections of an mean season, according to immoderate estimates. In California, 50 radical died of the flu past winter, a immense driblet from 706 deaths during the 2019-20 season.

We tin deliberation of this arsenic a pandemic metallic living: A operation of societal distancing, masking and schoolhouse closures that were successful spot to bounds the dispersed of the coronavirus astir apt besides kept the flu astatine bay.

That’s bully news, but it leaves a question people astir what’s going to hap this year. Coronavirus restrictions person been loosened, but we’re by nary means backmost to a prepandemic normal.

So, you mightiness beryllium wondering, however atrocious is the flu play going to get?

The abbreviated (and frustrating) reply is that we person to hold and see. The flu play typically peaks astir February, truthful we can’t cognize each that overmuch based connected what we’ve seen successful these aboriginal months.

So far, flu lawsuit numbers nationwide and successful California person been low, but are trending upward.

Three Californians person died of the flu since October, including a middle-aged antheral successful Los Angeles County. The different deaths were an aged Californian and a idiosyncratic betwixt the ages of 18 and 49, according to authorities data.

The universal indoor masking requirement that California instated this week to stem rising coronavirus numbers is apt to besides bounds the dispersed of the flu. Same goes for moving gatherings to outdoor settings, thorough hand-washing and astir measures aimed astatine minimizing Covid-19 spread.


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But the pandemic whitethorn besides person little beneficial effects connected flu transmission. Some experts interest that past year’s airy influenza play reduced Americans’ immunity to the virus.

One mathematical model calculated that our accrued susceptibility could pb to an other 102,000 Americans hospitalized with influenza this wintertime — a 20 percent summation compared with an mean flu season.

“Because of truthful small illness past year, colonisation immunity is apt lower, putting america each astatine accrued hazard of illness this year, particularly among the astir vulnerable, including our children,” Dr. Rochelle Walensky, manager of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said successful a caller property briefing.

Health officials accidental the champion extortion is simply a flu vaccine, which they urge for everyone 6 months and older. Though not arsenic effectual arsenic the Covid-19 vaccines, they’re inactive the champion mode to support yourself harmless from the flu.

“That’s the lone happening that truly makes a difference,” Peter Palese, a microbiologist and flu adept astatine the Icahn School of Medicine astatine Mount Sinai successful New York City, told my workfellow successful a Q. and A. connected however to hole for flu season.

One statement successful favour of getting a flu vaccine feels particularly resonant nowadays:

The vaccines trim your likelihood of not conscionable catching the flu, but of passing it connected to idiosyncratic else. You whitethorn beryllium capable to past a bout with the virus, but a kid oregon grandparent you transmit it to whitethorn not beryllium truthful lucky.

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  • L.A. schools: The Los Angeles schoolhouse committee decided to hold enforcement of a Covid-19 pupil vaccination request to autumn 2022. It was scheduled to spell into effect adjacent month.

  • Outdoor dining: Manhattan Beach is ending its thoroughfare eating programme aft complaints astir accrued postulation and narrowed driving lanes, The Associated Press reports.

  • Covid classroom: An full sixth-grade people was sent location and instructed to quarantine successful the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District, CBS LA reports.

  • Oil spill: An lipid institution based successful Houston was charged for releasing crude lipid into the water disconnected the Southern California coast, The Associated Press reports.



  • Sick leave: San Francisco has go the archetypal metropolis successful the state to walk authorities requiring paid sick permission for home workers, The San Francisco Chronicle reports.

  • A arguable proposal: A program to airdrop poison pellets connected Farallon Islands to termination mice that person wreaked havoc connected the section ecosystem is coming up for a ballot today, The Marin Independent Journal reports.


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Crispy feta makes a dazzling appetizer.

Today’s question extremity comes from Laryn Lee, who recommends Huntington Library and Gardens successful San Marino:

“Our children, present ages 20 and 24, person fond memories of regularly visiting and moving astir the grounds of Huntington Library and Gardens successful San Marino, since they archetypal arrived location arsenic infants from China.

We person pictures of them erstwhile the beauteous camellias are successful bloom successful the fall, and besides erstwhile the antithetic taxon of colorful roses are successful bloom successful the spring. The translation of the Gardens from being a benignant of sleepy depository and grounds to sojourn with nary entranceway fee, to being revamped via upgraded improvement to a premiere go-to depository and grounds is impressive.

For america adults, watching the operation of the authentic Chinese Garden — utilizing artisans brought implicit from China — was breathtaking. For our children, being capable to play successful the Children’s Garden, particularly successful the hotter upwind wherever they could get bedewed successful the “mist shower” positive assorted fountains and streams (shhh, don’t archer the guards), was a reward for having gone wrong the aged mansion to find and presumption the paintings of Blue Boy and Pinkie. Also awesome is the Japanese Garden with a bridge, location and beauteous bonsai collection. And lone implicit aggregate visits did I turn to admit the colorful and unusual succulent plants successful the Desert Garden. Oh and erstwhile we were connected the Library of Congress circuit successful Washington, D.C., erstwhile the docent asked if anyone other had seen a Gutenberg Bible they some spoke up and said, yes, they’d already seen 1 successful Huntington Gardens!”

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An yearly tamales party, New Year’s successful Palm Springs oregon an bid of Ikeda’s pies for Christmas meal — what are your Golden State vacation traditions?

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Alissa Johnson, 33, has been playing cello since she was 11 and was described arsenic a philharmonic “genius.” Unable to spend a caller instrumentality outright, she bought a custom-made cello for $7,300 connected recognition earlier this year.

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